Netflix Celebrates Anti-White Black Militancy Month


It appears Netsux just can’t get enough of celebrating anti-white marxist terrorist, and I’m not talking about the dozens of pathetic BLM documentaries they have released, no this is about ANOTHER group of murdering marxist black thugs who took hostages at a bank in Silverton, Pretoria South Africa in 1980 (aka The Silverton Siege) and demanded the release of their caramel messiah, Nelson Mandela, the heavyweight champion of marxist black terrorist.

Anti-White ZOG spigots like Netsux, Amazon Prime, Hulu and the BBC continue their agenda to BLACKEN THE HISTORY of Great Britain and America by celebrating black militant marxist and anti-apartheid massacres while the white families of the victims of black militant violence weep alone.

Stand up to the Rising of the Tide.

WW2 Documentaries Worth A Damn: Wartime Portraits

I was surfing Netflix the other day and ran across this WW2 Documentary series called “Wartime Portraits”

Part live-action historical footage and part animation, this visually inventive Polish series offers striking portrayals of some of the most daring and unsung Polish heroes of WW2.

As a World War Two History fanatic, I love reading and learning about partisans and underground guerilla resistance movements during WW2, and this doc features five stories of some amazing Polish citizens who refused to lay down while the nazi’s invaded their country.

I have always said the modern civilian operator has so much to learn from the study of underground resistance movements during WW2 and the Cold War, and this Documentary is no exception.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Dose of Truth: Run, Hide, Tell or Fight?


I was watching a documentary on Netflix titled Fightworld about different types of fighting styles all across the world and the most interesting to me was the one about Krav Maga in Israel.

In one segment the Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, discussed how in Great Britain the Metropolitan Police are instructed to respond to a terror attack in the following way: RUN, HIDE, TELL.

Contrast this with Israel where the police and civilians alike are instructed to do one thing in the event of a terror attack: FIGHT!

It just goes to show how much liberalism, islam and politically correct thinking have changed Great Britain from an island once populated with proud, strong warriors to a place of utter weakness and surrender.

Choose to Fight! Choose to Live!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Netflix Pix: Return to the Philippines, the Leon Cooper Story


Guys, you gotta do yourself a big favor and carve out a hour of your time and watch this documentary. If you call yourself a Patriot and lover of Freedom, this documentary will not only grab ahold of your heart but also piss you off to no end…yeah, this show involves your Government turning it’s back on it’s Veterans….surprise, surprise, but it also has a hero in Leon Cooper and a happy ending.

I felt a deep sense of pride after watching this show, yeah I was still pissed off at the Government, but that never changes nowadays!! It did my heart good to know that men like Leon still exist; Men that still know what DUTY and HONOR literally mean! Men that are not afraid to be SELF-RELIANT, and take the bull by the balls when they need too. You know it occurred to me in the middle of this movie: LEON EARNED THE RIGHT TO CUSS YOU GUYS OUT FOR NOT DOING YOUR JOBS!! SO GET OFF YOUR ASS!!

The sad part about it, is men like Leon are dying off in record numbers, and there are not many good candidates for his replacement…as CO’s we gotta do something about that. Let’s all FIRST Step up and Be the Men that we know we need to be and SECOND, raise our Kids to take our place. It’s the right thing to do… that what Leon would tell you.

BTW, You can also watch Return to Tarawa: The Leon Cooper Story for the complete story of Leon’s FIRST Mission to Tarawa.

Support the continued efforts of worthwhile charities like the National League of POW/MIA Families to repatriate all those gallant soldiers listed as MIA and who lie in unmarked graves who fought in EVERY AMERICAN FOREIGN¬†WAR… LET’S BRING THEM HOME WHERE THEY BELONG! LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND!

Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!