Prepping 101: Generator Advice

If You Have A Generator, Do This Immediately


Some good, basic advice here.

I have lived through 3 Hurricanes and a Winter Storm here in Texas so here is my 2 cents on Genny’s:

  1. Run your Generator for 15 minutes every month.

  2. Use Stabyl to keep your gas fresh (Keep plenty on hand)

  3. If not equipped, install a wheel kit for transportation. They are inexpensive and will save your back.

Natural Disaster Preparedness: Hurricane Hermine Makes Landfall


Hermine Makes Landfall as Hurricane, Brings Dangerous Flooding, Knocks Out Power to 150,000

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Say a prayer for the folks in Florida right now, and as for the rest of us that live in parts of Texas, the Gulf Coastal States or parts of the East Coast, this is a strong reminder that Hurricane Season is now upon us, are you prepared to weather the storm?

As a veteran of Katrina and Ike, I can tell you these things are nothing to play with.

No time like the present to check your equipment and skill-set tool box.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!




Natural Disaster Survival: Hurricane Prep Primer + Giveaway

A hurricane or tornado-like abstract that suggests debris being pulled into the vortex. Partial blur indicates speed. Rendered from a natural spring.

Over 80% of people on this planet live within 100 miles of a coastline. Despite attempts at getting the population better prepared, according to FEMA, only 40% of the U.S. population actively prepares. It only takes one hurricane for victims to see how quickly their lives can change.

Hurricanes are nightmarish in terms of the damage they cause and have the capacity to level homes, flood neighborhoods and cause massive amounts of damage to communities. Those that choose the unpreparedness route gamble with the chance of going head to head with severe flooding, tornadoes, wind and storm damage and gamble with their families lives. This may sound alarmist, but it’s a fact. On a personal note, I have witnessed first hand how unprepared families flock to the stores for last-minute preparations and how grocery markets, super stores and home depots are quickly overwhelmed and supplies exhausted within hours of restocking. Inevitably, there will be people who walk away from these storms unprepared. Do you want to be a part of this statistic?

Everything You Ever Needed to Know to Prepare for Hurricanes

The time to prepare for this natural disaster is now before any storms are on the horizon. Using this approach is also easier on the pocket-book and will help you prepare with a clear head rather than a panicked one. The best place to start is to find resources, checklists and advice from experienced professionals. Even asking friends and family what their personal stories of surviving hurricanes are can better prepare you. One of Ready Nutrition’s writers, Jeremiah Johnson wrote about his personal survival story about going through Hurricane Katrina. You can read his words here.

Read the Remainder and Enter the Ready Nutrition Hurricane Prep Giveaway at Ready Nutrition