FBI Arrest of Florida Man for Short-Barreled Rifle Showcases Absurdity of NFA

FBI Arrest of Florida Man for Short-Barreled Rifle Showcases Absurdity of NFA


Two things you can take away from this story:

  1. The National Firearms Act (NFA) is one of the most backwards, useless, ridiculous and UNCONSTITUTIONAL pieces of gun legislation ever passed in the History of the U.S. Gubmint. If you do your homework you will find the Short Barrelled Rifle (SBR) Provision alone has been responsible for the vast majority of BULLSHIT FIREARMS arrest and indictments in the last forty-years than any other piece of draconian gun legislation on the books. As if a weapon whose barrel length is anything under the magic sixteen inches is somehow more dangerous and destructive or God forbid, adding a stock to such a weapon! Once more how the Government profits from this unconstitutional mandate of a $200 “stamp tax” per weapon is ILLEGAL in every respect according to the Second Amendment.

  2. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER Show your Firearms to Strangers or Go Shooting with Strangers. That may sound paranoid but look at the facts: Government informers and Federal goon agents seem to be popping up everywhere there is anything remotely associated with so-called “Right Wing” hobbies and activities and yeah you guessed it, Firearms ownership is #1 on the list.

Prepare Accordingly.

It’s Only gonna get worse from here on.


“Infringement”: Do You Really Know What it Means?


In a recent article in Freedom Outpost entitled France, The Nazi’s and Gun Control, the author lays out in precise historical detail how the French Government, in particular, Prime Minister Pierre Laval in 1935, four years before the Nazi invasion of France, put into motion some of the most restrictive and anti-democratic gun law measures ever seen in Europe.

“The author asserts that Laval’s 1935 gun control efforts left the French people vulnerable to the Nazi invaders and ill-equipped to deal with the Nazi invasion of 1940, plus simplified the Nazi efforts to confiscate firearms and impede a French resistance.”

So, in essence, the historical lesson to be drawn from this is DO NOT let your Nation’s gun laws be weakened by spineless politicians because it inevitable that evil men will soon come along and take advantage of an unarmed populace.

Except sadly, in America’s case, this “damage” to our second amendment is not only YET to be done, but has ALREADY been done.

The Second Amendment as it stands today is a SHELL of the document that it originally was when written.

Those currently on the soft centered right who are the loudest voices in the room when it comes to “Defending the Second Amendment from being Infringed” were very often the same ones in the past who sat idly by while greedy politicians stripped the Second Amendment of it’s inherent constitutional protections, and will be in the immediate future the ones who passively allow the new breed of liberal fascist politicians to finally KILL the Second Amendment completely.

Yeah I hate to break it to you folks, but the Second Amendment has ALREADY BEEN INFRINGED!

More to the point it has been RAPED of it’s true efficacy as a Constitutional Document meant to PROTECT citizens from a tyrannical, power-drunk Government.

How has it been infringed?

There are many examples but these four take the cake in my opinion.

  1.  National Firearms Act of 1934
  2. Gun Control Act of 1968
  3. Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act
  4. Creation of the ATF

The National Firearms Act of 1934 is undoubtedly the high water mark of one of the worst pieces of anti-democratic/anti-constitutional legislation ever passed. But, like every other piece of totalitarian legislation ever passed in this country (Suspension of Habeas Corpus, Patriot Act, etc.) they were passed during a time when the country was under supposed “attack” and it’s “national security” was being threatened?

So what did these four items do to “infringe” the Second Amendment?

  1. Registration of all Purcahsed Firearms (NFA 1934)
  2. Federal Tax Stamp to purchase and own certain firearms and accessories (NFA 1934)
  3. Inability to purchase firearms through mail order magazines (GCA 1968)
  4. Criminal Background checks to purchase handguns and mandatory “waiting periods”(Brady Bill)
  5. The creation of a separate bureaucratic “fiefdom” (ATF) to enforce these anti-second amendment/constitutional policies.

Do you see what these “infringements” actually do to the Second Amendment folks? They chip away at it, piece by piece, until eventually, there is nothing left of the original document; it becomes an extinct piece of our “Constitutional Heritage” and not surprisingly enough, that is EXACTLY what the liberal fascist and neo-marxist of today would like to see happen.

To finally make this “antiquated” document EXTINCT.

But, ultimately, as Patriots and Citizens we cannot cry over spilled milk…only learn from our mistakes.

We HAVE to make it a point that WE (as a nation of gun owners) cannot give one more inch of ground on the Second Amendment, period.

We either Stand our Ground Now or end up like the dozens of other Nations who surrendered their gun rights to spineless politicians only to regret it later.

Mark my Words: Stand Tall Now or Bow Down Later.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!