A Real World Reminder Why Citizens Should Never Give Up Their Semi-Auto Rifles

Myanmar Rebels Battle Government Junta Forces with Homemade Shotguns

The Video in the link above shows Myanmar Rebels armed with home made single shot shotguns fighting Govt. Military Forces armed with modern assault rifles.

The article does not say but I can almost promise you this fight did not end well for the rebels.

Going up against modern military rifles with single shot homemade shotguns from a fixed (entrenched) position is tactical suicide IMO but on the other hand I understand the rebels are desperate and do not have access to large quantities of military type rifles.

The rebels would have stood a better chance using molotov cocktails!

It’s both a Reminder as to why the Second Amendment Exist: So citizens can protect themselves from Government tyranny and an object lesson that we should NEVER willingly give up our guns, more especially our semi-automatic rifles!

Stay Armed and Prepare Accordingly.







A Snapshot of what a 4GW Insurgency is Going to Look Like in the 21st Century


A Recent post on Impro Guns showing a squad of Anti-Junta Myanmar rebels armed with an assortment of homemade guns, including the venerable 3D Printed FGC-9 is a very realistic picture of what insurgencies could possibly look like going forward in the 21st Century.

Although a full auto capable pistol carbine like the FGC-9 is not an ideal weapon to fight an insurgency, modifications were made such as a longer barrel and better sights.

Lest we forget our history, WW2 Partisans in France and Europe were equipped with pistol caliber (9mm) SMG’s like the Sten Mk IV.