Know Your U.K. History: The Windrush Lie

How Britain Built Diversity


Like most things predicated upon falsehoods, the lie of “Diversity is our Strength” does not stand up well to intense scrutiny.

This is why it is so important to KNOW your History, not just some academic liberal twat’s interpretation of it.

Great Britain: It Wasn’t Like Enoch Did Not Warn You.



We Tried to Warn You: Remembering Those that Tried to Save Great Britain

Remembering Sir Oswald Mosley
(November 16, 1896-December 3, 1980)


Highly urge you to take some time and peruse some of Mosley’s speeches and essays.


Remembering Enoch Powell:
June 16, 1912–February 8, 1998

A Re-Evaluation of the Life, Politics and Philosophy of Enoch Powell

Rivers of Blood

The Road to National Suicide: Minority Ethnic Ascendancy, the Public Interest, & the “Uniform of Color”






Why Multiculturalism Always Fails

Good Stuff.


Many people believe in universal group unity where all humans under the right social conditions can live in peace and harmony with no occurrence of violence hatred or suffering.  All human divisions, they believe, are caused by irrational hate and malice that is generated by ordnance and so the only way forward for humanity is the amalgamation and unity of all humans in one place which will eventually lead to a sense of universal love among all humans where world peace will finally be achieved.  

Truth Giver of Humanity

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FUSA Bulletin: Justice for Corn Rows!

Justice For Cornrows!


“Whenever they “show up” in the world, chaos and violence seem to follow them. 

A serious nation doesn’t devote even a second of time to the “problem” of racist hair rules.”

The state of this Country has gone beyond ludicrous folks.

The current party line seems to be:

“Destroy anything that is White, Middle Class, Christian and Male and Kiss the Ass of Anything that is Poor, Black and Stupid.”



FUSA Bulletin: English Becoming the Less Common Language in America?

New York’s Attorney General Is Calling For Emergency Alerts In More Languages


Yeah that is exactly what we need more of in FUSA Today: More Bilingual Disaster Announcements for all the illegals that refuse to learn English.

How about this: Keep the Announcements in English and FORCE the “I no Comprende” assholes to Learn it!

That way when the next big Disaster hits, all the hardheaded beaners, chinks and camel rapist that refused to Learn English will meet their demise by Mother Nature the good ole’ fashioned way: Out of Ignorance!

It’s Win Win for White People all around.