Meanwhile in France…

Open Letter From Active-Duty French Soldiers: “Civil unrest is simmering in France and you know it perfectly well”


Those multi-culturalist/open borders chickens are coming home to roost.

Take Notes and Prepare Accordingly.

Murder Rates Soar Dramatically in Cities after BLM Protests 

Murder Rates Soar Dramatically in Cities After BLM Protests 


Nothing most of us with any common sense did not know already but Prepare Accordingly because these so-called “protest” are spreading like a plague all over CONUS.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Case Study: Grant Park Assault

Case Study: Grant Park Assault

Analysis Of the July 2020 Columbus Statue Attack

Having a working knowledge of the TT&P of your enemy is always a smart thing.

My Advice is stay away from large groups and gatherings and don’t get corralled or boxed in.

Prepare Accordingly this Summer.

Woke Corporate America Kowtowing to the Radical Left

Target Store Gutted by BLM Rioters Reopens With New Woke Design to Make ‘Black Guests Feel Overtly Welcome’

More liberal Clown World Bullshit.

No wonder these criminal POS feel justified and unstoppable.

Corporate America is rolling out the red carpet to them all in the name of the new globalist PC religion of “Inclusivity, Diversity and Multi-Culturalism.”

Corporations like Target are just as culpable for the Destruction of America and the American Way of Life as the rest of these POS.

Traitors, all of them.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


The Ongoing 5th Generation Of War

Riots. Monuments to our National history being toppled. Pilars of security forces being undermined, corrupted, and defunded. Sound familiar? In a nutshell, this is a brief summation of the past several weeks of headlines. Or is it? I would argue that this is the fourth act in the tragedy of the United States. We’re not…

The Ongoing 5th Generation Of War — American Partisan