Happy 247th Birthday USMC!

Iwo Jima survivor celebrates Marine Corps 247th birthday


Although I hang my head in utter shame at the current state of the USMC and it’s lack of REAL Leadership, I pray that God will raise up leaders with the same fire in their bellies and steel in their spines as Generals Chesty Puller and Smedley Butler.

Happy Birthday Devil Dogs!

Semper Fi.


The Great Betrayal

A Marine Widow Writes To Say No One Should Be Enlisting In The Military Of A Government That Hates Us


“I am a vet and the widow of a Marine who died on active duty.  I now believe that no white, Christian man or woman should fight for this country. 

Our government hates us.”


With Veterans Day fast approaching, I think this is a topic ALL Veterans need to confront.

Having served, I know there are a lot of Vets, Southern and Yankee, that feel betrayed as I do.

Regardless of where you stand, I highly recommend you read this Identity Dixie article from 2020 to put things in perspective:


No Longer Janissaries






Texas News: Mysterious GPS Disruptions Spread In Texas Near Fort Hood

Mysterious GPS Disruptions Spread In Texas Near Fort Hood


GPS interference is being reported around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area airports, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. The first reports of signal degradation occurred about 24 hours ago.

“Significant GPS interference being reported by pilots in the Dallas area. Aircraft being rerouted onto non-RNAV arrivals,” the flight tracking website ADS-B Exchange first reported Monday afternoon.

As you are racking your brain as to the culprit of these disruptions, think back three years to when China purchased over 100,000 acres of land in West Texas near U.S. Military Bases (Fort Hood being one of them.)


U.S. Army Get’s New Rifles as it Circles Down the WOKE Drain

Behold, I Make All things New!


I guess giving new rifles to the troops is a consolation prize for all the Diversity and Tranny training they will have to attend.

No Seriously, the upgrade in caliber is a PLUS.

Never been a fan of 5.56 for many reasons.

Now in the words of Crazy Earl from Full Metal Jacket:


“All We Need now is an enemy worth shooting!”


There’s A Lot of Young, Healthy Servicemen Suddenly Dying in Their Bunks, and The Military Won’t Talk About It

There’s A Lot of Young, Healthy Servicemen Suddenly Dying in Their Bunks, and The Military Won’t Talk About It


“83 soldiers died at Fort Bragg in the 18 months ending June 2021. Only 11 of those deaths were from natural causes. Fort Bragg hasn’t announced any fatalities since then. They’re still happening, but the base has gone dark.”

The bastards kicked the ones out smart enough not to take the jab and now are covering up the fact the jab is in fact killing vaccinated enlisted men by the droves.

Why are we all so concerned about genocide two-thousand miles away while right here in the U.S. MASS MURDER is taking place via Biological Warfare by our own Government and Big Pharma on our soldiers and civilian populace?