Soros Funded Illegal Alien Caravan 2020 UPDATE

Mexican President AMLO Is Heading The Honduran Caravanners Off At The Pass

Thanks again to President Trump’s tireless Diplomacy, Mexico is again GUARDING their Border with vigilance and determination.

Personally, I would just Shoot the worthless bastards and call it “Quelling and attempted uprising” or something along those lines, but that is just me. 😜👍

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Mexico Drug Gangs Had a ‘Spy’ Working in Texas U.S. Attorney’s Office

The Cartels have spies at the Federal level as well.

Nothing is impossible when you have an unlimited budget.


Federal prosecutors have busted one of their co-workers who worked as a spy for a variety of Mexican drug gangs.

The Washington Times reports that the sister and brother-in-law of a paralegal working at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in San Antonio were distributors of the methamphetamines produced by the Mexico-based criminal enterprise.

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Breaking Down the Four Most Common NarcoSubs

Breaking Down the Four Most Common Narcosubs


This has always been a fascinating topic to me.

For those of you that enjoy True Crime Docs on the Drug Cartels, check out Operation Odessa on Netflix.

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Ed Calderon Sheds Light on Kidnapping & Abduction Trends


This guy has been there done that when it comes to survival south of the border with the cartels. Great information.

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PCC: A Look Inside One Of The Most Powerful Criminal Organizations In Latin America

Criminal Insurgencies led by ruthless organizations like the PCC are taking over Central and South America.

Coming via TX2Guns over at The Tactical Hermit comes a look at one of Brazil’s most powerful criminal organizations, the Primerio Comando da Capital, or PCC. 29 more words

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