Know Your Weapons: 5 of the Most Effective Man-Killing Tools in History

Lethal Weapons: 5 of the Most Effective Man-Killing Tools in History

Some obscure weapons here. Very interesting.

I am intimately acquainted with the Shuriken (aka throwing star) when I was a kid growing up, like most kids my age, I was heavily into martial arts, especially ninja movies and thanks to a mail order catalog a friend of mine had and their loose standards for minors ordering lethal weapons (I think you had to forge a parent’s signature? Oh the good ole’ 1980’s, how I miss them!) I had half-a-dozen throwing stars, a pair of nunchaku’s and a set of those “tiger claws” in my arsenal, but the only thing I ever managed to use them on was a sheet of plywood with a painted target on it! Good Times!


Know Your Weapons: The War Hammer

The War Hammer: A Deadly Effective Medieval Weapon


I am a sucker for historical movies, in particular anything from the dark to medieval age. I was watching Outlaw King about Scotland’s Robert the Bruce and noticed quite a few War Hammers being used.

Cold Steel offers a nice practical and affordable re-creation of a 14th Century War Hammer.

A good TOOL to have at your front door along with your umbrella for a rainy day.