Natural Cures: 5 Science-Backed Wound Healers found in Nature

5 Science-Backed Wound Healers Found in Nature


Two things to have around that can save your life: Big Jar of good, local Honey and an Aloe Vera Plant.

Think Practical, Live Simply and Prepare Accordingly.


Field Medicine: Antibiotic Chart to Guide Acquisition

Antibiotic Chart to Guide Acquisition


I would save and print out the chart in this article to have in your field and home medical bag.

You never know when it might come in handy.

Also check out this article on Acquiring Antibiotics.


Top 5 Must Have Items in EVERY Trauma Kit

Top 5 Must Have Items in EVERY Trauma Kit


At bare minimum you need a Trauma Kit in your VBOB, Go-Bag and Range Bag without exception.

I am also a fan of carrying an inexpensive homemade ITK on your person.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

7 Key Trauma Management Tips and Tools for the Armed Individual

Seven (7) Key Trauma Management Tips and Tools For the Armed Individual


This is a great read for the armed citizen.

Out of all the skills the armed citizen needs to keep razor sharp, trauma management tops the list only because it such a practical skill to have in your toolbox.

Think practically! What if one of your kids cuts himself at home OR you come upon a bad car wreck OR your elderly parent injures himself and is on blood thinners…the list is endless!

Get Training and Get Prepared! No Time Like the Present!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!