Woke Corporate America Kowtowing to the Radical Left

Target Store Gutted by BLM Rioters Reopens With New Woke Design to Make ‘Black Guests Feel Overtly Welcome’

More liberal Clown World Bullshit.

No wonder these criminal POS feel justified and unstoppable.

Corporate America is rolling out the red carpet to them all in the name of the new globalist PC religion of “Inclusivity, Diversity and Multi-Culturalism.”

Corporations like Target are just as culpable for the Destruction of America and the American Way of Life as the rest of these POS.

Traitors, all of them.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


The Riot Triangle

Personally, I like the ideal of these antifa and BLM asshats coming into white rural America to start some shit.

The problem would be fixed very quickly I assure you.



It is interesting that these riots are happening in Progressive lead cities. It is also interesting that these rioters as yet, are not rioting in suburbia or rural America. Why? Maybe because of optics. What would happen if the optics ended? Many of us were Boy or Girl scouts where we first learned about the Fire…

The Riot Triangle — American Partisan