Let the ‘Radical Decentralization’ Begin!

Greater Idaho Project Gains More Traction as Two Oregon Counties Prepare Vote to Leave the State 


“Secession within states is as American as apple pie. West Virginia seceded from Virginia in 1863, making it the last state to secede. Kentucky was also a part of Virginia until 1792. Similarly, Maine was a part of Massachusetts prior to seceding to become an independent state in 1820. 

Given the increasingly volatile nature of American politics, secessionist style options will become the norm as people lose faith in the political system.

Secession and other forms of radical decentralization may perhaps be the most reasonable way to peacefully resolve disputes in an increasingly polarized U.S. 

If we are being brutally honest, American politics is not going back to the halcyon days of limited government that characterized the early days of the American Republic.”




Globalism Versus Nationalism….Gross…How About Localism?

Globalism Versus Nationalism….Gross…How About Localism?

An Alternative view for folks who are tired of running on the Hamster wheel.

Become Independent from the SYSTEM as possible.

LOCALISM is about building a community of LIKE MINDED people that you can rely on and work with when things get really tough.

A Key aspect of Localism is to keep your attention and focus on issues and challenges that are within your CONTROL and have a direct impact upon your life.

Localism is about Self-Sufficiency and De-centralization.