Orwell’s Bugman in 1984

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Orwell’s main characters are difficult to fit into familiar archetypes. Not only did Orwell push modernism to its limits by describing the complicated and often unglamorous struggles of people in foreign or dystopian settings, but his characters are also highly flawed. Few, if any, are traditionally-defined heroes: someone with relatable or admirable intentions who encounters a problem and must transform to find a resolution. Instead, his protagonists often end up worse off and defeated by their circumstances. 1984 epitomizes this storytelling theme. Winston, the protagonist, could at best be described as a beaten hero. More aptly, through this novel, we can also hone in on another archetype, one less discussed but more relevant for the modern era – the bugman.

The colloquial term, recent in both usage and typical application, has long roots in literary history. In Notes from the Underground, Dostoevsky remarks, “I could not become anything; neither…

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A Deep Dive into Classic Western Movies: Jeremiah Johnson

Jeremiah Johnson


For those of you who have been reading my blog for some time you know this movie holds a special place in my heart.

Not only is it the BEST Mountain Man movie ever made IMO, it is an amazing story BASED on a REAL LIFE Character that went by the name of “Liver Eating Johnson.”

The book “Crow Killer: The Saga of Liver Eating Johnson” by Raymond W. Thorpe Jr. is a worthwhile read.



Canadian Commercial Encourages Whites to Partake in Assisted Suicide

Canadian Commercial Encourages Whites to Partake in Assisted Suicide

I did a post yesterday on how low sperm counts across the globe harken back to the dystopian classic The Children of Men.

But now with these All-White Canadian Assisted Suicide commercials it is downright spooky!

All that remains is for the Government to start mailing out “Transition Packets” (suicide pills) to white families and we will know the end has come.




The Children of Men in Real Time?

Study finds ‘alarming’ decline in sperm count across world


So it appears another classic dystopian novel is proving to be eerily prophetic.

First it was 1984, then Soylent Green, then Camp of the Saint’s now it is  The Children of Men.

For those who have not read the novel I will spare you any spoilers but suffice to say the parallels are spooky.

FYI: Although The 2006 Movie adaptation with Clive Owen and Michael Caine was entertaining (and again frightfully prophetic with the U.K.’s mass immigration policies now turning into a living nightmare) I still say go for the Novel.




Literary Corner: Cormac McCarthy’s Quest for Answers Amid the Chaos

Cormac McCarthy’s Quest for Answers Amid the Chaos


Cormac McCarthy’s novels have had a profound impact on me as a writer over the years.

If you are new to Cormac, I highly recommend these three novels to start out with:


  1. Blood Meridian

  2. No Country for Old Men

  3. The Road


Looking forward to reading this new one over Christmas break.