Selecting and Using an Android Tablet

by HCS Technical Staff

Why Android?

  • Android tablets are a good option for those who do not have the budget for an Apple device or are simply used to the controls on their Android phone.
  • Android devices can be set up to perform the same functions as any good tablet computer.
  • Android devices are also readily expandable in their storage capacity for a small amount of money
    • A 32GB SDHC card can be purchased for $30 on Amazon.
  • The storage card can have stuff easily placed on it without having to go through a special program
    • A lot of people dislike iTunes because it forces you to go through it to upload movies and music.
Purchasing an Android Tablet and Accessories
  • Read the reviews and make sure the store has a good return policy.
    • This will save you a lot of grief later on.
    • Android Device quality can vary widely, so look before you leap!
  • Decide on your price point and ADJUST YOUR EXPECTATIONS.
    • Don’t expect the same level of performance and battery life out of a $170 Coby that you would expect out of a $400 Samsung!
    • This is no different from people who wonder why their NCStar AK Top cover mount won’t hold a zero…
  • Get a redundant power source
    • Crank and Solar Chargers will come in handy
  • Get extra USB charging cables
    • These can be purchased on Amazon for very little.
  • Get a rubberized case that fits your model of tablet.

Things to Put on Your Android Tablet

This list is by no means exhaustive but more to give you a good starting point. These apps can also be placed onto an Android Phone.

  • Any survival applications or PDF files
  • Encryption Applications
    • There are far too many to fit in here.
    • Be sure to read the app reviews and decide on what you need.
  • MXPlayer
    • This app is good for playing any sort of movie file.
  • PDF Reader
  • Appkiller
    • This allows you to close programs running in the background.
    • The more programs you have running at once, the slower your machine will be. This applies to any computer.
  • Battery Level and Power Management Application
    • The Android OS has a reputation for excessive battery consumption.
    • Use this in Conjunction with an Appkiller application.
  • DropBox
    • This allows you to store and retrieve your documents
  • OrBot
    • This allows your Android device to route activity through the TOR Anonymization network.
    • You will need to “root” your Android device to get the most out of it.
  • OrWeb
    • This allows you to browse anonymously in conjunction with OrBot
    • You will need to “root” your Android device to get the most out of it.
  • History Eraser
    • These are good for an extra layer of security.

Closing Notes

  • Make yourself familiar with your specific Android Device and what exact version of the Android OS it is running.
  • Understand what it means to “Root” your Android Device
    • This is similar to “jailbreaking” an iPhone in that it carries the same risks and rewards.
    • Disclaimer: HCS and its affiliates are not responsible for anything that you may do.

Your Old Computer and You: Part 1

By HCS Technical Staff

It was recently announced that Microsoft will be ending any and all support, including updates, for Windows XP in two short years. Nearly 45% of the world’s computers run Windows XP.

This announcement just made the day of every malware writer and botnet owner and cyber-villain out there…

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