FUSA Bulletin: SCOTUS Decision on Right to Carry in NY a Ruse


So SCOTUS releases this jaw dropper decision yesterday on Right to Carry in New York and the majority of the Gun Rights/2A Folks are jumping up and down and creaming their pants but as for me I am down here in Texas in the Hermit Cave taking cover behind something solid waiting for the other shoe to drop…why?

This is the Federal Gubmint folks, need I remind you?



Forgive me for pissing on the Second Amendment hoo-rah parade but have you guys been paying attention the last couple months?

First Uvalde and now this Piece of Chicken Shit Anti-Gun Legislation called “The Safer Communties Act?”

No, don’t be fooled.

These slimy corrupt Federal cocksuckers are definitely planning something and it ain’t gonna be good, mark my words.

And I am not the only one who smells something rotten in Denmark…. (H/T WRSA)



Fortify your Cover and Prepare Accordingly.


FUSA Bulletin: The “Law” Only Applies When it Serves the Neo-Liberal Agenda

Pro-Abortion Activists Hold Crazed Protests At Justices Kavanaugh and Roberts Homes


(H/T Eat Gruel Dog)

We have to understand that Violent Left and the Globo-Homo cabal that supports them are no longer playing by the rules.

Those “Rules” and “Laws” have effectively been thrown out the window.

Prepare Accordingly.

It’s going to be a Busy Summer.


FUSA Bulletin: Justice for Corn Rows!

Justice For Cornrows!


“Whenever they “show up” in the world, chaos and violence seem to follow them. 

A serious nation doesn’t devote even a second of time to the “problem” of racist hair rules.”

The state of this Country has gone beyond ludicrous folks.

The current party line seems to be:

“Destroy anything that is White, Middle Class, Christian and Male and Kiss the Ass of Anything that is Poor, Black and Stupid.”



While you are Distracted with the Fireworks in Ukraine, D.C. and Corporate Elitist Assholes are Selling this Country Out to China…


If you listen to one podcast this month, let it be this one.

Really eye opening sit down with author Peter Schweizer about the fll-tilt sell out by Political and Corporate elitist on both sides of the aisle.

It’s no coincidence that the same chicken littles who have been screaming about Russia being “the biggest threat to Democracy in the Western Hemisphere” are also the same people selling out this Country to China in the same breath.

Don’t Buy into the Bullshit.

Biden Calls Law-Abiding Americans ‘The Resistance’

Biden Calls Law-Abiding Americans ‘The Resistance’


Reminds me of an article I wrote some years back titled: Are You Prepared to be an Outlaw?

Gear up and Prepare Accordingly Folks, this Government has gone off the Rails.