The Great Liberal and Illegal Migration

This is something a good friend warned me about several years ago.

I am now watching it happen like a horror movie…The Walking Dead v2.0!

Combine it with the real time invasion by illegals in the South and the liberal agenda of adding millions of democratic voters to State’s voting rolls and what you get is the globalist liberal plan to flush America down the toilet once and for all.

Yeah not on my watch.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

The Liberal Plot to Destroy the British Army

The Globalist liberal agenda of Nut Cutting continues…


The new British Army recruitment posters calling for ‘snowflakes’ to join the army were met with widespread ridicule – however these posters are just part of a bigger plot that aims to emasculate the armed forces.

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MinistryofDefence.svgLondons 36bn benefits bill is bigger than the UKs whole defence budget

British Army officers to be measured on ‘inclusiveness and diversity’ in their units

Royal Navy a ‘laughing stock’ with three quarters of its warships out of action and ‘struggling to protect British citizens’.

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Cultural Marxism: More Confederate History “Replaced” and “Renamed”

Austin City Council Votes To Rename Two Streets                    Named For Confederate Figures


So the nauseating politically correct trend of Damnatio Memoriae  continues when it comes to Confederate and Southern History in the United States.

The liberal fascist in Austin cloaking themselves in the socially ambiguous guise of “racial sensitivity” continue to destroy Confederate and Southern history one statue, school name and in this case, highway name at a time.

So, just to be clear, ANY history these people find unacceptable is going to be replaced with a name THEY find more acceptable? In this case, two African-American’s nobody has ever heard of?

Even if the majority of citizens polled do not agree with the measure? You call that Democracy?

No, that is TYRANNY, pure and simple.

And let us not forget what Mr. Charlton Heston said about Political Correctness and Tyranny:

“Political Correctness is Tyranny with Manners.”

But oh well, nobody is going to make a fuss about this for fear of being labelled a “racist” even though that is the label these liberal fascist give ANYBODY who does not agree with their point of view.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed, Fight Political Correctness in Every Form and Stay Dangerous!