Survival Medicine: Taking Expired Prescription Drugs


What You Need to Know About Expired Prescription Drugs

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As a serious prepper, this subject is important to know about for two reasons: Anti-Biotics and Painkillers, two things you should have ample supply of if possible.

Here is a nifty article on Hoarding Antibiotics I found.

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Get The Facts: Know Your History Regarding Martial Law


The Cycle of Civil Unrest & Martial Law

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Conspiracy Theories regarding the use of martial law by the US Government abound. Every where you turn somebody is talking about it right now, and for good reason.

As a historian, I always look back to the ACTUAL historical record on a subject to get my information and folks, I gotta tell you, the Historical record in America regarding the US Government and martial law is disgusting.

The most sobering fact is this one: Martial Law DOES NOT have to be declared for US Military force to be used on American Citizens.  Don’t Believe me? It happened as recently as 1932 in an incident known as the Bonus Army where US Army troops were set loose on U.S. Veterans and their families.

When you think about it, The fact that the entire might of the U.S Military can be used on AMERICAN CITIZENS with only Congressional approval is the real crux of the matter. Why? As the article states:

Congress could authorize the military to be called out once again and used to KILL Americans without a declaration of martial law. They just do it. There is no appeal from death. The right to habeas corpus would not be implicated if they are killing citizens rather than incarcerating them.

Get the Facts and Be Prepared!

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Civilian Operator 101: Natty Ways To Improve Night Vision


Natural Ways to Improve Night Vision (Night Blindness)

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As Civilian Operators we need to constantly be training to own the night.

Low-to-No Light weapons training is essential to a realistic readiness plan since cockroaches and turds like to float around when it’s dark.

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RKBA: Know Your Infringement History!


A 20th Century History of Infringement

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An excellent read on the History of Government “Gun Control” in the United States.

Know the facts folks, the Government Gangster Coalition (the entire United States Government apparatus including all of it’s inept agencies) have been trying to snatch your guns for a Looooong Time now and believe me when I tell you that they have no intention of stopping.


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Dose of Truth

The Alternative to Presidential Politics

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Although I am not a supporter of individual State Secession, I am a supporter of Americans educating themselves on realizing what a SHAM American ‘Democracy’ has been turned into after centuries of abuse and manipulation by tyrants.

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Socialism Sucks: Beware the “Academic Zika Virus”


Beware the “Academic Zika Virus

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Another spot-on essay by Thomas DiLorenzo.

If you have not read them, a large number of his essays can be found HERE.


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Seceding From Socialism


In his great classic, Socialism, Ludwig von Mises observed that socialists always employed the dual strategy of 1) nationalizing as much industry and property as possible; and 2) “destructionism,” defined as “destroying the social order which is based on private ownership.”  Destructionism can be achieved through the welfare state, progressive taxation, onerous taxation, and regulation and regimentation of private industry.  It is a form of economic sabotage.

There is also a third necessity in order for socialists to achieve their goal of a government “planned” society:  the centralization of power and the elimination of all possible exits. As Mises wrote in another of his classics, Omnipotent Government, “[T]he adversaries of the trend toward more government control describe their opposition as a fight against . . . centralization.  It is conceived as a contest of states’ rights versus the central power.”  This, of course, is what the “Brexit” vote in Great Britain was all about.

The proponents of totalitarian government control, whether they call themselves socialists or something else, have always attacked decentralization, states’ rights, federalism, and all other means of the devolution of power in society.  Adolf Hitler bemoaned “the struggle between federalism and states rights” in Mein Kampf and promised that the “National Socialists [i.e. , Nazis] would totally eliminate states’ rights altogether” (Mein Kampf, 1998 Houghton Mifflin edition, p. 565).

American history has been one long march toward more and more centralized governmental power and less and less freedom as a consequence.  It began with Alexander Hamilton’s proposal at the constitutional convention for a “permanent president” who would appoint all state governors who would have veto power over all state legislation.  His plan failed after being tarred by the Jeffersonians as essentially the British empire without Great Britain.

The “Civil War” created a great centralization of political power and effectively turned all states, North, and South, into mere appendages of Washington, D.C.  This trend was perpetually strengthened by all subsequent wars as war is always and everywhere the health of the state.

Franklin D. Roosevelt even proposed effectively abolishing the states altogether as political entities as a means of eliminating all opposition to his grandiose, socialistic plans for America.  As described by Frank Chodorov in The Income Tax: Root of All Evil (page 82).

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