Who was behind the UK’s Race Relations Act of 1965?

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I imagine that most people in this sphere are pretty familiar with the origins of the US Civil Rights Act of 1964. If not, you should look into the Warren Court, lobbyists like Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and early Civil Rights movements like the NAACP. Also, bear in mind that America’s elite colleges had been infested with Leftists since the 1930s and 40s, at least.

As covered in my recent article on Anglosphere immigration laws, similar acts were passed throughout the West during the 60s and 70s as part of the wider postwar “Civil Rights” (anti-White) Revolution, which continues to this day and recently culminated in the worldwide anti-White “Black Lives Matter” insurrection of 2020–2021.

“Civil Rights” laws passed throughout the Anglosphere include the Canadian Human Rights Act of 1977, Australian Racial Discrimination Act of 1975, New Zealand Race Relations Act of 1971, and…

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February 2022 – 26 BLACK-ON-WHITE KILLINGS – Another Month In The Death Of White America

26 BLACK-ON-WHITE KILLINGS in February 2022—Another Month In The Death Of White America


Besides the fact that Black Felons are going free on Bail at a rate that is unprecedented in American history, it now appears Black People can Murder White People and do no Prison time based on the fact a racial slur was used.

War is openly being waged on the White Middle Class by both the Government and their Dindu Army.

Arm Yourself and Prepare Accordingly.


Armed Citizen Corner: Retired Florida SWAT officer Acquitted in 2014 Movie Theater Shooting

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Retired Florida SWAT officer acquitted in movie theater shooting


Remember this shooting?

I had to go back to the 2014 Archives to find the article I wrote about it titled Becoming a Superior Gunman.

Eight friggin years for a murder trial seems excessive to me, especially considering the man on trial for murder was pushing 80?

The was an egregious TRAVESTY of Justice and another pathetic example of the “good ole’ boy network” of Law Enforcement taking care of one another.

If you go through the details of the confrontation that night in the theater, you will see that this is a clear-cut case of a retired cop’s bruised ego getting the better of him.

Verbal Provocation (even when accompanied by a thrown bag of popcorn) is NEVER grounds for deadly force. In addition, the man had 30 years of Law Enforcement “experience” which should have given him MORE self-control and good judgement than the average civilian.

Reeves should have been found guilty of Second Degree Murder and sentenced to the maximum and died alone in prison.

My heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to Chad Oulson’s widow and his eight year old daughter. 🙏

FUSA Headlines: The Blight of Child Sex Trafficking

‘Operation Wanderlust’ ends with girls rescued, men arrested for sex trafficking


With everything going on in the world it’s easy to forget the BLIGHT and DISEASE of Online Pedophiles and Child Sex Trafficking.

I had no ideal how deep the rabbit hole went with this stuff as far as the type of people involved and the financing it receives from legit sources and how the Government’s inept/non-existent illegal immigration enforcement helps promote it’s success.

As an example of the type of people invoved, a High level Facebook Executive was recently busted soliciting sex from a 13 year old boy in Colombus, Ohio.

I fully support Online Citizen Action Groups like DAP (Dads Against Predators) which promote Community AWARENESS and ACTION in cleaning up Online Predators in your Community by exposing them.

So many times these Predators operate freely in a community (despite mandatory State Pedophile Registration) and are not exposed until it is too late and the damage has been done to some poor child and their family.

Like all things relating to our own Personal Safety and Welfare, We, the CITIZENS have to take Action and it starts with your own Community First!

American Freedom Convoy 2022


Open Letter to Law Enforcement (H/T WRSA)