2022: The Year of Leftist Propaganda

As I am a fan of a well made Documentary I was perusing through recent releases and I came across this bedazzled dog turd:


Indivisible: Healing Hate

If you can stomach the almost three minute trailer, which is hosted by the most liberal jew they could find in Hollyweird, Mandy Patinkin, (who laughingly played a CIA Agent on the Showtime series Homeland, which was a decent series for around five seasons and then it went woke and shit the bed like all series do nowadays.)

Just from the description alone you can tell this is not going to be an even handed Documentary but another biased leftist piece of propaganda aimed at further dividing this country along partisan lines:

“This gripping six-part documentary series traces the origins of an anti-government extremism that’s been decades in the making, tracing a sequence of deadly historical encounters with federal law enforcement that have fueled far right recruitment and spurred calls for revenge. Ruby Ridge and Waco, he said, motivated Timothy McVeigh to blow up the federal building in Oklahoma City.”

Here is another snippet from IMDb:

“Analyzes the driving forces behind the January 6th attack on the Capitol, uncovering surprising links between January 6, historical events and today’s most dangerous radical frontiers in America.”

Hilariously, the Documentary has a 2.5/10 rating on IMDb, the lowest score I have ever seen on any Documentary or movie!

Of course it was released on the anniversary of the January 6th Carnival of Lies which lies at the heart of this propaganda hit piece.

History is very clear that for Propaganda to work, you have to have a “Clarifying” event, something that demonstrates the “Evil” of the group you are attempting to demonize and character assassinate with terms like “White Supremacist” and “Right-Wing Terrorist”, because after all, the big bad Monster needs a Big Bad name, right?

Is it any wonder a very well funded Propaganda campaign is following on the heels of January 6th in 2022 right in time for Democrat re-election bids?

Expect much, much more of this bullshit.

Prepare Accordingly.