On-Demand Security Forces: The Police of the Future?

Leaked Emails Show Crime App Citizen Is Testing On-Demand Security Force


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As I predicted in an article I wrote last year, American policing is going to look more like policing in the developing world in the near future. In big third world cities, the cops are impotent and do virtually nothing.

The middle class and wealthy depend on private security companies to keep them safe. See a crime, hit your app, and private security rolls to your location. Look for lots of variation on this theme in the future.  The same security company also Wants the Power to Arrest People.

Prepare Accordingly Folks!


Texas News: Yep, Lawyers are Bigger Crooks than the Actual Crooks!

Texas Lawyer Sentenced for Shaking Down Colombia Drug Traffickers

I remember my Grandpa used to tell me that you did not need a gun to rob people, all you needed was a law degree.

He was right!

Self Defense is Over

Tactical Wisdom

Plano, TX

Everyone said, “Wait until they come to Texas! The cops here won’t play that”. Then they came to Texas, and the cops protected BLM/ANTIFA. “But that was Austin”, they all said.

Then they went to Plano, Texas. There, BLM/ANTIFA blocked traffic. One motorist, pictured above, got angry and walked to the front, demanding that the crowd unblock the road. He was threatened and yelled at.

He said “Where are the cops?” Then, he found a police officer and demanded that the officer clear the road. It’s worth noting that the man was legally in the right. As a motorist, he had every right to drive down the road. BLM/ANTIFA had NO RIGHT to block traffic.

Crowd Closing In

So what did the Plano officer do? Warn the man to get back in his car and shut up. As the man started to walk away, the crowd closed in…

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Biden Administration Limits Power Of ICE To Arrest Immigrants In Courthouses

Biden Administration Limits Power Of ICE To Arrest Immigrants In Courthouses

So to sum it all up:

Biden has legally removed the TEETH of the Federal Agency responsible for arresting and deporting illegal immigrants (ICE) but has given the FBI (aka The New American Gestapo) CARTE BLANCHE to raid US Citizen’s homes and places of business because of their political affiliations (And to find a certain laptop which could DESTROY the Biden Criminal Enterprise completely).

If you had any doubts that the BIDEN ADMINISTRATION is trying to DESTROY AMERICA FROM WITHIN, this should take care of it.

All bets are off.

1984 and Fahrenheit 451 are happening in real time.

Prepare Accordingly.


Narco Ambush on Cops

In that lovely Socialist Paradise of Venezuela, Heavily Armed Drug Cartels Ambush Armored Police Convoys at will.

Coming Soon to a Major City/Highway near you Thanks to Biden’s ‘America Second’ Immigration Policies.


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!