Firing Squad at 5 a.m.

H/T NC Renegade

In the early morning hours of December 13th, 2022, officers from the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department obtained a search warrant for a residence in Bear Paw, NC after a disturbance call made to 911 dispatch hours earlier.

In addition to obtaining the search warrant, officers from the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department also requested assistance from the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians’ SWAT team and a siege of the residence was conducted.

Just before 5 AM that morning, SWAT officers tossed a robot equipped with cameras into the residence and awoke the sleeping couple.

After being told to “Step Outside Jason onto the Deck and Show us Your Hands” by the Police outside, the couple peacefully came to the door unarmed with Jason Harley Kloepfer only holding the Robot that was thrown into the house minutes before.

Immediately the couple was fired upon and Jason was wounded in the chest.

Of course the Police version is much different, according to them they were “Forced to shoot him after he confronted them…”????

Confronted them with what? Their own robot?

This is FUSA in 2023 Folks.

A bunch of inept, untrained and trigger happy asshat cops that will attempt to murder you in your own home at the drop of a hat.

Prepare Accordingly.



Texas News/Black Crime: Black Felon with Eight Prior Convictions Stabs White Grandfather to Death while out on Bail

Black felon with Eight Prior Convictions Stabs White Grandfather to Death While out on Bail


Another POS black animal that should have been placed in a cage one hundred feet below the Earth’s surface was released into society on bail and murdered a Good Samaritan WHITE Grandfather.

These POS Democrat Liberal DA’s and Judges need to be charged with every death that occurs because of their irresponsible policies.

White Genocide takes many forms.

My Heartfelt Condolences go out to the Downs Family.


Time to Bring back the Gallows and Public Executions

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Although with the current Crime Rate exploding, most cities will need to UPGRADE to the 32 Noose Model as shown below (Talk about efficient!)



Time is short, so let’s get Cracking!



The Biden/Garland Anti-White Government Protection Program

“Lost…in the Emotion of the Night”: Attorney Who Firebombed Police Vehicle Given 15 Month Sentence


“Mattis and Rahman were facing domestic terrorism charges and the possibility of 30 years in jail. The Biden Administration later agreed to a massive reduction of the charges in a plea agreement that would likely result only in a couple years of jail time.

What is particularly bizarre is that the plea agreement reduced an earlier plea agreement for a more serious offense. They had agreed to the more serious offense but the Justice Department cut it down further.”

If you were left scratching your head after reading this, join the club.

How does a plea agreement backdate exactly?

I mean is the DOJ just making this shit up as they go along and every Judge along the way is just rubber stamping it?

Appears that way.

Nauseating is the only word that comes to mind.

If me or you possessed and assembled an Explosive device and then firebombed a police vehicle we would have been labeled ‘Domestic Terrorist’ and done 30+ years in a Federal Pen.

But then again we aren’t black and brown far-left attorneys.




Spotlight on Worthy Charities: Operation Light Shine





Operation Light Shine’s main purpose is to create, fund, develop and equip INTERCEPT Task Forces. Operation Light Shine provides everything the INTERCEPT Task Force needs from advanced technology, software, enterprise solutions, public and private partnerships necessary to support the multidisciplinary model, investigative equipment, coordination between domestic and international HT/CE operations, forensics capabilities, subject matter experts, advanced training, research and development all the way to covering rent, utilities and office supplies at each task force.

 Matthew Murphy was a Green Beret in the US Army, Special Forces Sniper, Special Operations Terminal Attack Controller, Communications Specialist, Foreign Weapons Expert, Unconventional Warfare Expert, and speaks Arabic in the Levantine and Modern Standard dialects. He is a veteran of wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and has lived and worked all over Europe and the Middle East since the age of 23.

Matthew is also the Founder and President of Operation Light Shine, a non-profit charity headquartered in Nashville, TN, whose mission is to combat human trafficking and child exploitation. He is a native of Memphis, TN and current resident of Nashville, TN. He has a fiance, two daughters, and another daughter on the way who inspire him to live a life of service to his country and community.

Matthew’s family was tragically affected by the fentanyl epidemic and human trafficking with the loss of his sister Sarah. Sarah went missing in early November 2019 and her body was found almost two months later on Christmas Eve by hunters.  Sarah was murdered by a trafficker involved in selling drugs and women. Since Sarah’s death, Matt has turned pain into purpose and refocused his efforts from fighting terrorism to shining a light on yet another evil in the world, the fight against child exploitation and human trafficking.