Black Mother Who Criticized Kyle Rittenhouse’s Parent is STABBED TO DEATH by her Own Son on Thanksgiving!

GA Mom Says Rittenhouse’s “Bad” Parents Are To Blame; She Is Then Killed By Her Own


A BLACK woman criticizing WHITE People how they raise their Kids?

Seriously, You have NO ROOM to lecture.

Blacks Lead the Nation in Single Parent/Fatherless Families which in turn Leads to Black Males under the Age of 30 making up a majority of the U.S. Prison Population.

Hopefully they will seek the death penalty, otherwise, here is another Dindu Georgia Taxpayers are going to have to clothe, house and feed for the next twenty years.


While You are Rooting for Rittenhouse, Remember Jake Gardner, a White Man Railroaded by a Corrupt Justice System

Before there was Rittenhouse, there was Jake Gardner…


Most people have forgotten about this case but I remember it well because Jake Gardner was a White Marine.

Just be thankful Rittenhouse only shot white people because in this country violent offender felon Blacks (like Scurlock and George Floyd) are put on a pedestal and worshipped.

What pissed me off was the Prosecution weaponized Gardner’s Military Service and made him look like a ticking timebomb.

There is no such thing as the “American Justice System” for White Folks anymore.

Welcome to FUSA.


The Kenosha Kid: A Round-Up of the Best Memes Part Two


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