Know Your WW2 History: The Battle of Ortona, A Case Study in Modern Urban Warfare

Case Study #5: The Battle of Ortona


Ortona is one of the lesser known Urban Battles in World War Two, but definitely one of the most important to study, especially from the standpoint of the Defense of a City.

Here is another worthy read on the subject by the same author.


Know Your WW2 History: Battle of Monte Cassino ’44 from the German Perspective


One of the best WW2 Military History trilogies I have ever read is Rick Atkinson’s Liberation Trilogy.

The second book of the series, The Day of Battle is about the Sicily/Italian Campaign.

The amphibious landing at Anzio and the Battle of Monte Cassino are covered in amazing detail.


Know Your WW2 History: Latvia 1940-41/ Witness the Real Horrors of Jewish Communism

Latvia: Year of Jewish Instigated Horror


You won’t find this one in your ZOG approved US Board of Education WW2 History Books, that is for sure.

Next time you see one of these dickless purple haired ANTIFA beta’s with a hammer and sickle flag, refer back to this article.

You can download a free pdf copy of Latvia: Year of Horror HERE

Know Your WW2 History: William E Fairbairn – The Man Who Shaped Hand-to-Hand Combat in WW2

William E Fairbairn: The Man Who Shaped Hand-to-Hand Combat in WW2

WW2 Combatives taught by Fairbairn, Applegate and Sykes are some of the most practical and street proven methods of self-defense every devised because they are #1 SIMPLE and #2 DOVETAIL into every level of the use of force continuum for the civilian: empty-hand, stick, knife and gun.

This means you don’t have to learn a new “method” for each weapon. It is truly One Mind, Any Weapon.

An older video by Kelly McCann showing the jugular notch:


Stay Dangerous and Prepare Accordingly!

How this BADASS US Unit didn’t Lose a Single Man While TERRORISING the Japanese

How this BADASS US Unit didn’t Lose a Single Man While TERRORISING the Japanese


I had read a book on the Alamo Scouts a few years back and the desctiption of the training here was accurate. Just to make it fun the blind fold test was done at night in the Pacific Jungle! Ouch.