Know Your Weapons: Folding Knife Lock Types

The Essential Guide to Knife Lock Types


Great overview of various type of locking mechanisms on folding knives.

My 2 Cents: if you are going to carry a knife for self-defense, carry a small fixed blade.

It’s just as concealable (if you wear it correctly) and there is 0% chance of failure as there is with even the best built folder on the market.


Armed — In Plain Sight, When You Can’t Carry

Armed — In Plain Sight, When You Can’t Carry


You can never learn enough about improvised weapons IMO when you are surrounded by a society that is intent on disarming you at every turn.

“Non-Permissive Environment” may soon be a metaphor for everywhere except your Home!

Prepare Accordingly!


Most Common Blade Profiles and How to Choose the Best


Lot of choices out there for Blade types.

Just remember: A Knife is a TOOL above all else, not a play pretty or something to show off to your friends.

Choose the TOOL that is right for the Job.

My 2 cents: I have never had any luck with tanto blades for a serious work knife, be it a folder or fixed blade.

The tip is brittle and not made for serious work. Bottom Line: The design of a Tanto is made for stabbing not a work knife, so keep that in mind.

If I could have one blade type for an all around knife I would choose the Drop Point. Yeah it’s an old design but there is a reason for that: It works.

Keep it Simple.

Know your Knives: The Wicked Ulu

The Wicked ULU Knife


Who would not want to own an ancient blade design that resembles a Saber-tooth tiger fang?

All Things Tomahawk

Who Needs A Tomahawk?


A collection of links involving their history and practical use.

I own several flavors of tomahawks, my favorite being a Rifleman’s Hawk.

Besides being an exceptional CQ Weapon, they are also an extremely practical piece of kit to have.

It’s not surprising that most all of your early mountain men carried one in their belt.