Awareness and Aggression Rule the Day!

As you watch this video there are a dozen things in hindsight we could cover, but there are just 3 things I want to talk about in this one.

First: If you are walking home from school or wherever and you become aware somebody is following or stalking you, your first instinct may be to run into your house because it is a place of safety (and if an ADULT is home IT IS) but as this vid showed, after he forced his way in, because nobody else was home, that is when he got bold, and that is when something really bad could have happened. If she had stayed outside, in public view, chances are he would not have been so bold in his attack and if he had, being by the street, she could have yelled and screamed and somebody would have either intervened or called 911. So remember, if you think you are being followed or stalked, first, call 911 and secondly, stay in a public place or in public view. Predators  like this need somewhere private to assault and try to rape you..take that power away from them.

Secondly, once he had forced his way in, she said nothing changed in the attackers behavior until she gave him a hard palm strike to the face. Remember: Aggression changes the atmosphere. It makes the other person ask themselves: “Do I really want to do this?” After getting hit in the face, This guy realized this girl was no “pushover” and that is exactly the way you have to be if attacked’ let them know right away, if you mess with me, you will pay for it.

Third, Don’t wait for something bad to happen! Start training now! Learn some very basic strikes that can “change the atmosphere” and/or create distance for you to escape.  Some good ones to start with: Palm Strike, Eye Gouge, Knife hand to Throat and, the old standby, Knee or Kick to Balls.

Update: They finally caught this POS. Read about it HERE. I hope he actually gets locked up and not released to do this to another 13 year old.

Train your Kids to Protect Themselves. It could be the best gift you ever give them.

Stay Alert, Stay Aggressive and Stay Dangerous!

“FIGHT” not “GUN” is the Key Word in “GUNFIGHT”


“If you can’t stop the average dude from raping you in the shower, the last thing you need is a Carbine Class.” (Southnarc)

In Civilian self-defense training courses you often have certain trainers that require a “pre-requisite or “pre-req”” of certain courses before you take a certain class. For example, before you take an ADVANCED Handgun Course, you might be required to take BASIC Handgun, etc. This is to ensure you have the rudimentary basics down before moving on to a more advanced skill set. This also, more importantly, ensures both the safety of the student and the instructor, but also creates a FOUNDATIONAL “BUILDING BLOCK” concept of learning. It is a solid concept and has been used in Academia worldwide since time in memorial.

Unfortunately, for the most part, it is not being followed in modern civilian self-defense training today. What is being followed is men and women who are NOT establishing a COMBATIVE base of skills to build upon; or in layman’s terms, they have ABSOLUTELY ZERO skills when it comes to defending themselves empty-handed. But instead of trying to rectify that, they are skipping it and moving directly into FIREARMS related skills thinking one supersedes the other. This is a gross misunderstanding of Combative Martial Concepts and is not CONDUCIVE to the student establishing a real-world effective martial skill set. Nor is it helpful in helping to create and maintain the Combative Mentality needed to survive in the increasingly violent world in which we live.

The key word (and FIRST word) in ANY type of FIGHT, whether it be GUNFIGHT, SWORDFIGHT or FISTFIGHT is (wait for it….) FIGHT! What good are you if you know how to shoot nice tight little groups in a piece of paper but don’t have the cardio conditioning to fight off an attacker when he jams up your gun or fouls your draw? What good are you after 45 seconds into a clinch you get gassed and a thug takes your knife or gun away and kills you with it?

This nieve and unrealistic ideal that has floated around nationwide in concealed carry classes (and quite possibly Open carry in Texas very soon) and various other civilian self-defense classes that having a G19 in an appendix holster and a Benchmade clipped in your pocket is the answer to your self-defense woes is a LIE!

Having a CCL is a start but is only the FIRST BABY STEP and is in no way the END of the journey! Go Deeper! Get out of your Comfort Zone! Find some type of empty hand training that suits you. I like Combatives and Krav Maga, others may like BJJ or Muay Thai…whatever…just ensure the fighting style is about FIGHTING and not about COMPETITION. (This goes for firearm training as well!!)

knife hand

Understanding the Combative Continuum

Combative skills are built, layer upon layer starting with empty hand and then progressing from there; stick, knife, firearm. If they are not built layer upon layer, you are not building your skills on a solid foundation, and sooner or later, you will come against a situation (ie PERSON) that will find that weak spot and exploit it and most likely in the process, injure or kill you. The CC is not just about getting ready for a fight, it is getting ready to fight in the most efficient way possible. Coach Bear Bryant said it this way: “The WILL to WIN compares little with the WILL to PREPARE to WIN.” By approaching any fighting system from the perspective of PREPARATION and  EFFICIENCY, you are streamlining your training and helping ensure that in that day of trouble, your brain has to recall ONLY what it needs to KILL THE THREAT and SURVIVE. If any of these steps are skipped (ie to take that Advanced Carbine or Pistol Class for example) you will have built your foundational martial skills on sand and NOT on solid concrete, and sooner or later, your “house” will sink!

Since I started with a catchy quote, I will end with one too:

“The scars on your knuckles should ultimately teach you how to have callouses on your trigger finger…”  (Author)

Let that one sink in and then go out and find a down-n-dirty Combatives class and pretty soon, after some bruises and sweat, it will all click.

Stay Alert, Stay Frosty and Stay Dangerous!