Myths about Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight

Myths about Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight


If you carry a Handgun for Self-Defense you should dedicate a LARGE block of your monthly training to knife attacks.

They happen more frequently than you think and due to Hollyweird and Fantasy Gunfight Training most armed civilians and sadly a large percentage of law enforcement have no clue how to properly deal with them.

If you can still find them, check out Kelly McCann’s Combative Pistol/Knife and Dog Brothers Die Less Often DVD’s.

They are two of the most Practical/No bullshit pieces of training regarding how to “deal” with violent street knife attacks.




Prepare Accordingly and Train Realistically!

Halloween Tokyo Subway Attack by Knife Wielding Man dressed as “Joker”

Tokyo Subway Attack: 17 Injured, No Gun Needed


Once again proving Mental Illness does not need a GUN to wreak havoc, but if you want to STOP a knife wielding whacko, a GUN comes in real handy.

Knife Attacks: Insights, Strategies, and Pro Tips

Knife Attacks: Insights, Strategies, and Pro Tips

Solid information from the Mad Duo over at BB&C.

Backpedaling is Bad!


Here we have yet another Police Body Cam out of Florida where a druggie/crazy guy charges a cop with a knife.

This is a BAD situation to be in tactically speaking.

The Cop is in a CONFINED Space with limited egress routes. When the guy charges, the Cop is forced to back Pedal down a narrow hallway. During this time, he deploys his taser which is ineffective.  He then has to go to his pistol and put the guy down.

If you remember the video out of Georgia two weeks ago, it was a very similar situation.

Remember: Cops are required to abide by the Force Continuum and use the least amount of force necessary to subdue a subject. This is why we often see cops pleading with these people (often while backing up) and using tasers or pepper spray before their firearms, even though in a majority of the cases the situation has gone far beyond non-lethal force.

As an armed citizen, we are not constrained by such rules. We are not required to use non-lethal force FIRST in a situation when our life is in danger.

The bad thing about Back Pedaling in a situation like this or ANY situation where you are fighting for your life is there is very real chance you might trip over something, including your own feet and go to the ground.

If you do, you automatically put yourself at a disadvantage and that drugged up idiot with a knife will be on top of you in a flash trying to put 5 inches of steel into your gut.

The rule of thumb about backing up is only do it to gain a better position, as in cover. If you are going to retreat, turn around and retreat, otherwise, turn around and fight. In a fight, backing up while not looking where you are going is dumb.

“Forward never Backward” was the motto when we used to train. Dominate the space around you!

Your Life Depends on it!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

7 Dead, 19 Wounded in Stabbing Spree in China

Seven Chinese Students Killed in Stabbing Attack

More proof you don’t need a gun to do a lot of damage. Knives can be just as deadly.

All you need is a dose of crazy and some willpower.

I highly recommend watching some of Kelly McCann’s or Shivworks Knife Defense Training DVD’s to understand the KEY in defending against a knife attack is understanding DISTANCE; they have to get close to you to hurt you. So you either A. shoot them to the ground or you B. run for your friggin’ life.

Stay Alert, Armed and Stay Dangerous!