Know Your History: The Russo-Japanese War of 1904

The Russo-Japanese War of 1904


In 1904, Russia and Japan fought a war over Korea and China. This was a large conflict that threatened to shape the future of east Asia for centuries – but curiously, it was never organically resolved. Let’s take a look at this war together.


In Memoriam: Abe Shinzo

Rest In Peace Abe Shinzō, Long Live The Abe Shogunate


Abe was the target of many in the West for a number of reasons, first and foremost Abe was an opponent of the MacArthur Constitution and a was committed Japanese nationalist. Whether it was Abenomics, a continuation of Japan’s export economy coupled with a program for prosperity for all classes in Japan, or the goal of a strong and independent Japan acting as a normal power in the world, the globalist left, Conservatism Inc., and even the Alt-Right, hated Abe.

First, and foremost, Globohomo hated Abe who restricted immigration, supported the ideal of the Japanese nation and people in an explicitly racial manner, and planned a remilitarized and nuclear armed JapanImmigration is the core issue. Globohomo wanted Japan opened to mass immigration, but Abe wanted Japan to remain Japanese, not just linguistically and culturally, but racially.


8 Best War Cries of All Time


By Blake Stilwell

When fighting in close quarters combat, the posture which gives a warrior the best advantage is a necessary advantage. What better way to intimidate an enemy than throwing him off balance with an aggressive auditory clash to make him quake in his boots? Yelling as foreplay to a physical altercation is as old as War itself. Persian warriors in the epic Shahnameh had voices “like an enraged elephant” and voices “like a drum beat.” In the Iliad, one character is literally named “Diomedes of the Loud War Cry.”

It’s now scientifically proven that screaming during physical activity increases energy and power and anecdotal evidence throughout history shows it has an significant effect on both sides of a battle. With that in mind, here are history’s most legendary battle cries.

  1. “Uukhai!” – The Mongols

Since the Mongols controlled the largest empire in history, they were really good at winning battles, and even better at killing people. They defy expectation. They are always the exception to conventional historical knowledge. There must be something to this battle cry. It was a both a cheer and a prayer, like “Amen” mixed with “Hooray.”

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