Defined by What We Love

Defined by What We Love


With Big Tech via ZOG constantly reminding us that February is the so-called “Black History Month” why don’t we all take a minute and remind ourselves (and share with our children, friends and family) why we should celebrate the White Race EVERY day of EVERY year!

“If you are a member of the Dissident Right, think long and hard about the ratio between how much you talk about your love for White people (or your specific White nation) and how much you hate blacks, Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, etc. The ratio needs to be heavily tilted towards your own people. Talk about what is good about them, their culture, and their history. Doing so, and staying positive, will help draw in more people, and better yet, it will draw in plenty of normal people who are simply fed up with the attacks on their culture. It will also minimize the number of isolated and violent losers.

That is how we win, and that is why the Left is so hell-bent on not talking about the positive aspects of our message.”