A nice First Person View of an Ambush on some goat rapist with a SAW. Aim Low and squeeze!


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


CAIR Sucks Up to Black Lives Matter

Radical Black Power, Anti-White Movements and the nation of islam have always been cozy bed fellows.

Remember Micah Johnson and the Dallas Police Shootings back in 2016? 

CAIR and BLM connections go back a long ways.


Stay Alert and Keep Your Powder Dry Folks.


I know, nothing you didn’t already assume, but I’m posting this to encourage you to follow the opposition. Knowledge is power! Sign up, as reader Bob did, and receive regular missives from those groups working to transform America, two prime examples being the… 379 more words

CAIR Sucks Up to Black Lives Matter — Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

Islam’s Sexual Fantasies

The historical record set down through the centuries regarding islam and their rabid penchant for the rape of white, European women and how could we forget their practice of sexual slavery (which continues to this day) is well documented.


Source: Raymond Ibrahim Speaking under the pseudonym of “Ella,” a British woman recently revealed that her Muslim rapists called her “a white wh*re, and a white b*tch,” during the more than 100 times she was raped in her youth by the mostly Pakistani grooming gang. “We need to understand racially and religiously aggravated crime if […]

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Texas News: Terror Attack at NAS Corpus Christi

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi shooting investigated as ‘terrorism-related,’ FBI reports


Another muslim jihadist POS attacks an American Military Base on our own soil.

When predators sense weakness, they go in for the kill.

We cannot let our Guard down.

My Thoughts and Prayers go out to the Wounded Sailor.

Get Better Soon so you can Shoot more of these POS!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

In historic first, US designates Russian white supremacist group as ‘global terrorists’


The level of stupidity here is MASSIVE folks.

Yeah, these guys compared to ISIS look like a Global Threat, Huh?

Just one more attempt by the US Govt to brainwash you into thinking that quote “White Supremacist” groups and not goat humping, sister raping jihadist are the real Global Terrorist threat (and SCOURGE) in the world.

Tell that to the families of the two people who just got stabbed to death in France.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


The United States Department of State has designated a Russian white supremacist organization a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) group. This designation marks the first time in history that the US Department of State has formally applied the label of terrorist to a white supremacist organization.

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