When Men Were Men: Wisdom from a By-Gone Era

This is a collection of short videos of interviews with various Combat Veterans from past wars and conflicts.

Take some time and listen to them, you’ll be Amazed at How Much the World and the Military has Changed for the WORSE.

Below the First video click on “Read the Full Conversation on Twitter” to watch the other videos.


Article of the Week: The Modern World Part IV: What To Do?

The Modern World Part IV: What To Do?


When you combine Dissident Thought’s comments and this article together you got some AWESOME food for thought on the current state of FUSA.

“White people dying out is exactly what they want. Do you think it is a coincidence that *they* have been pushing degeneracy for decades, assailing the traditional family, encouraging cheap sex and abortion? The family is the bedrock of Western civilization. Not “muh Constitution”. The family. 

If you want to piss off the neo-Bolsheviks and strike terror in their hearts, you don’t do it via anonymous angry ranting online. You don’t even do it by having the best preps. You do it by prioritizing family over anything else.”

Reject Modernity, Wokeness and Weakness.

Embrace Masculinity, Strength and Discipline.

If I have learned anything in my short time here on Earth, it is this: In times of hardship and trial, ALWAYS go back to the Fundamentals!

In this case Fundamentals are God, Family and Race.

Cherish them everyday, Keep them Close and Defend them with your Life!

Poem: Catharsis

Nothing like some Seax Prose first thing in the Morning.
Smells Like…Victory.

The Serpent's Loft

in the beckoning twilight I find the darkness

lax and lazy, complacent, satisfied

loose it reigns, a careless abandon

and I laugh, I laugh and cry

how I found God in a khlysti sermon

so soft and weak, so pale like moonlight

dough between my fingers

a pampered darkness scarcely bleak

gone and away the weight from my chest

the laughing, cawing turns to me

I see myself in me

every vein a hissing snake roaring

shrieking backwards up Yggdrasil’s spine

where there the stellar serpent lies

Nidhogg, swallower of all

keeper of all that dies

sweet dragon of my brood

and there I feel between my hands

there i feel the neck that hollers

pleading, bleeding into me

but i can squeeze now

fingers writhe and palpate

tender embrace of hate

gentle as the silent dawn

killing night with kindness

no more enthralled

the darkness held underneath my knees

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