In Memoriam: L.Q. Jones

L.Q. Jones Obituary

I apologize for not getting this memorial up sooner as I know L.Q. passed away last July, but we have been losing so many of the “old guard” it’s hard to keep up!

Fellow Texan L.Q. (Born in Beaumont) was one of my favorite supporting western actors and was a consummate professional in every movie he played in.

Three movies of his that I will always remember him by is Lone Wolf McQuade, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid and The Wild Bunch (Some of my favorite scenes are shown below).

You were one of a Kind L.Q.

See You in the High Country…





In Memoriam: Gary Rasor

83-Year-Old Home Depot Employee Has Died After Being Thrown to the Ground by Black Thug


My heartfelt condolences go out to the Rasor family.

Gary represented the generation that helped build this country with a rock solid work ethic and a mental toughness we will most likely never see again.

I pray that Justice quickly finds this Black thug who represents everything wrong, twisted and vile about this country.

Please tell somebody about Gary Rasor today so that his memory can live on and more Awareness can brought to the epidemic of Black on White Crime in this country.

In Memoriam: Ray Nelson



Ray Nelson, the Sci-Fi writer who penned the screenplay for John Carpenter’s 1988 cult-movie They Live has passed away at 91.

Nelson regularly worked with Phillip K. Dick and Ray’s mother was said to be the inspiration for Priss in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Blade Runner).

If you have not watched They Live, I highly recommend it.

It is one of the most prophetic sci-fi movies of the 20th century regarding the Globalist agenda of mass-programming and brainwashing.




In Memoriam: Alden Adams

Previously-Deported, Drunk Illegal Alien Charged In Death Of 6-Month-Old


The Great Replacement aka White Genocide is happening folks and this POS Government does not care about the age of the victims.

Remember Alden Adams today.

Speak his name and tell somebody about his death that could have been prevented by simply putting Americans First and getting serious about securing our southern border.