Dealing with Molotov Cocktails and Fire Bombs

Your Tactical Training Scenario- Dealing with Molotov Cocktails and Fire Bombs


Thought provoking article from both sides of the “insurgent equation.”

Study Up.

“Sometimes it’s useful to pay attention to even the most unlikely attack scenarios.  Looking at them as a thought experiment will provide some insight into more mundane self protection events.”


Know Your Weapons: The Luty 9mm SMG

The Legacy of Philip Luty Lives on.

Prepare Accordingly and Arm Yourself. (Schematics in Link above)


A Snapshot of what a 4GW Insurgency is Going to Look Like in the 21st Century


A Recent post on Impro Guns showing a squad of Anti-Junta Myanmar rebels armed with an assortment of homemade guns, including the venerable 3D Printed FGC-9 is a very realistic picture of what insurgencies could possibly look like going forward in the 21st Century.

Although a full auto capable pistol carbine like the FGC-9 is not an ideal weapon to fight an insurgency, modifications were made such as a longer barrel and better sights.

Lest we forget our history, WW2 Partisans in France and Europe were equipped with pistol caliber (9mm) SMG’s like the Sten Mk IV.



Using The Garrote – The USMC Way

Using The Garrote – The USMC Way


A garrote is not a bad improvised weapon to have stuck back in your arsenal seeing that you are willing to put in the time for the training.

Making a wire garrote is easy.

Some Piano wire, two large wooden or metal dowels wrapped with grip tape and some kind of leather bracelet for protection and you are in business.

Prepare and Train Accordingly.