.22 Fob Gun seized in Italy

Compact and Innocuous.

Exactly what you need a weapon to be in 2021. 👍

Impro Guns

A variation of the key fob gun design seized from a dutch national by Italian authorities.

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Expedient .380 SMG

That’s one Ugly gun but soon and very soon we are not gonna care about looks, only that it goes boom and not click every time we pull the trigger.

Guerilla Gunsmithing 101.

Impro Guns

A submission from a reader. PA Luty’s .380 machine pistol built to the plans with modern modifications including a barrel which was rifled using the ECM method as well as 3D printed sights.

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Improvised Weapons

A good example of using whatever you have available to defend yourself, in this case a deranged burn loot and murder member brandishing a knife and threatening people is walloped upside the head with a motorcycle helmet and then disarmed. 👍

Nobody is Coming to Save You.

Prepare and Act Accordingly.


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!