Expedient .380 SMG

That’s one Ugly gun but soon and very soon we are not gonna care about looks, only that it goes boom and not click every time we pull the trigger.

Guerilla Gunsmithing 101.

Impro Guns

A submission from a reader. PA Luty’s .380 machine pistol built to the plans with modern modifications including a barrel which was rifled using the ECM method as well as 3D printed sights.

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Paltik shotgun, Ilocos

Mad Max style Shotgun.
Looks like an Orion or Lin 12 Gauge Flare Pistol HEAVILY Modified.👍😜
Think Outside the Box and Stay Armed!

Impro Guns

A typical paltik shotgun seized last month in Ilocos, Philippines.

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Know Your Weapons: 3D Printed Firearms with Deterrence Dispensed

As the technology improves in 3D Printing, the possibilities are exciting and endless.

Guerilla Gunsmithing! Learn it, Love it!

“3D printed firearms are no longer one shot wonder toys… They are serious weapons that can compete with their manufactured counterparts. Enjoy this in depth discussion with the anonymous heads of the decentralized design group Deterrence Dispensed.” Full version at LBRY.

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