Let the Secession Begin: States Must Reclaim Immigration Laws

Let the Secession Begin: States Must Reclaim Immigration Laws.


The time is now for the states to embrace creative measures to tackle this existential crisis. They cannot rely on Republican leaders at the federal level to defend their interests. State action—featuring elected officials who are not as captured by special interests as their federal counterparts—must stop the deluge.

Pockets of the country have plenty of fight.

Immigration patriots simply can’t afford to wait for the federal government to stop the invasion.

It clearly won’t. A line must be drawn in the sand.

We must secure control of state and local governments to build autonomous immigration enforcement forces that challenge federal authority and do what neither Traitor Joe nor his predecessors have done: stop the invasion.

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Cartel Corner: CJNG, The Only Cartel To Have Had Its Own Arms Factory

CJNG, The Only Cartel To Have Had Its Own Arms Factory

In perusing some list folks have created as to the “Top 10 Predictions for 2023” not one of them list the Southern Border WAR.

Notice I did not use the word “crisis.”

We have been beyond “crisis” since 2008.

No, it’s a legitimate state of WAR down here in Wild Bunch Land, complete with a U.S. Government funded (and complicit) foreign invasion happening every single day.

Forget the threat to “America” as so many like to talk about. America as you know it is GONE. FUSA is in smoldering ruins.

What concerns me now as an ardent Southern Nationalist and Texas Secessionist is the threat to my Home State of Texas these Government Funded Cartels Represent.

Let’s be clear: Mexican Drug Cartels are nothing but a U.S. Government Proxy.

The Criminal Insurgency these Cartels are executing on a daily basis on the border to include drug trafficking, human trafficking (tens of thousands of illegal aliens flooding this country every day) and all other sorts of sordid criminal enterprises are being done with one irrefutable goal and agenda in mind:


Prepare and Act Accordingly.


The Evolution of White People

The Evolution of White People


“Nationalism is of course a political ideology, but it is nonetheless an ideology based essentially on a group’s own biological interest. Understanding the history of ourselves from an evolutionary perspective was pretty difficult up until the advent of Ancient DNA studies, with the first accurate papers being released as late as 2015 in regards to European lineages.

For every liberal argument about immigration in the past, there is a reactionary counter argument of invasion and conquest. The latter is more accurate – our ancestors were quite brutal and innovative, they needed to be to survive – and it’s that version that should be taught to the next generation.”








From First to Third World in the Blink of an Eye



Illegal Alien Crime Report


Her Name Is Lola Daviet

Gruesome Immigrant Crime Stories Like Poor Lola’s In Paris Are Always The Same


Never forget that White Genocide via Illegal Immigration and Liberal Immigration Policies is a Global Issue folks and that Children are always the first to suffer.

You can read the actual news story HERE.