Timeline of the Replacement Migration agenda [Short post]

Never forget what the end game is all about.

Survival is Paramount!



1. Intro
2. Timeline
3. Extra reading

1. Intro

Here’s a short timeline of the Replacement Migration agenda, covering each key component, with extra links for more information. There are other aspects not listed here, this is just a brief summary.

2. Timeline

[1] 1920s-70s:
Explicitly anti-White ideologies are formalized and spread throughout Western academia (Western Marxism, Critical Race Theory, Marxist “anti-imperialism” etc.).

[2] 1933-45:
Western and Eastern Globalists collaborate to destroy nationalism in Europe and found the New World Order, fronted by the United Nations. This establishes a new political and moral paradigm, with (European) nationalism as the ultimate evil (brown nationalism is lauded and championed) and the “diversification” of European countries as the ultimate good.

[3] 1950s-70s:
The “Civil/Human Rights” revolution legally enshrines anti-White politics under the guise of “equality” and enforces multiracialism and integration by banning racial “discrimination.”

[4] 1960s-70s:
Policies to intentionally destroy White birth…

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Non-White immigration was banned throughout the Anglosphere before the Second World War [Replacement Migration, laws, etc.]

Great History Lesson and Summary!


900 words

1. Immigration Restriction
2. Open Borders
3. Civil Rights
4. Hate Speech
5. Replacement Migration
6. Summary

1. Immigration Restriction

Before the Second World War, every Anglosphere country had implemented numerous laws outright banning or severely restricting non-White (or non-Anglo) immigration and naturalization. In most Anglosphere countries, this was a direct response to non-White immigration that began during the 1800s. This article focuses on laws passed during the 20th Century but it should be noted that they were preceded by laws of a similar nature.

The American Immigration Act of 1924 explicitly banned non-White immigration and naturalization, as did all previous naturalization acts. It also severely restricted the immigration of Eastern and Southern Europeans and Jews, who were regarded as incompatible with or hostile to Anglo-American culture. The act limited immigration from a country to 2% of its population born within the United States. This…

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Here We Go Again

Biden Will Allow Ukrainian Immigrants In The US To Obtain Temporary Protected Status

First it was Syria under Barry Hussein, then the colossal Afghanistan fuck up, and now, big surprise, the Ukraine.

Every country we stick our nose into we seem to inherit their problems, or maybe it is by design?

Import the Third World, become the Third World.

Import Global problems, become just another pathetic  Globo-Homo “Lost and Found” Nation. (See Western Europe).

Notice they did not call these Ukranians “refugees” like they did the Afghanistan brown rapist even though they are using the same tired party line about it being a “Humanitarian Crisis” that they engineered of their own stupidity.

Yeah I know the majority of these people are white and that should make a difference.

But it doesn’t. Not for me.

Like Seax I really don’t care about the Slavs.

No Vacancy.

Return to Sender.

You gotta draw the line folks or else your so-called “Homeland” will cease to be YOUR HOME anymore.

Kellogg Foundation Bankrolls $500 Monthly Income for Illegal Aliens

Kellogg Foundation Bankrolls $500 Monthly Income for Illegal Aliens


There is coming a day really soon when Politicians and Corporate traitor shills like Kellogg’s will stand to account for helping to subsidize the overt invasion of this country and I will have a front row seat at the gallows.

Refugee News Roundup February 14, 2022

Refugee News Roundup February 14, 2022


Some of the Top Headlines from FUSA involving the overt Invasion of the United States and the resulting Criminal Insurgency that is ongoing.