So Why is No One Taking Notice of Another Texas Killer?

Don’t let the MSM distract you with red herring, sideshow antics about Mass Shooters.

We are currently importing ILLEGAL ALIEN mass killers and rapist DAILY and nobody is blinking an eye.

Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

That is what Daniel Horowitz asked at Conservative Review yesterday.

And, I am sure most of you who have been following my postson alleged serial killer, Billy Chemirmir were thinking the same thing as we are subjected to every day, all day, coverage of the El Paso Walmart shooting.

But, of course, here is why the same attention hasn’t been given to the Kenyan Killer—he killed (mostly) old white ladies and his weapon was a pillow.   That, and the fact that he is an African in the US illegally and if he had been deported when he had his first run-in with the law, 18 grandmothers and one grandfather would not have died such a frightening and horrible death.  (Imagine that face looming over you as a pillow was pressed to your nose!)

When investigations are complete, Chemirmir’s kill list will likely far surpass the number killed in that…

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We would be wise to consider Bill the Butcher’s Words as it pertains to the Current INVASION of our country by the hordes of Illegals intent on it’s destruction.

“By Giving our Country over to them that had no hand in the fighting for it…”

Stand up Against the Rising of the Tide

Stand Up and Be Counted.

Domari Nolo




Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

ISIS Fighter Affirms What JW Exposed Years Ago—Terrorists Enter U.S. Via Mexico

Yeah it’s happening folks, and if you don’t believe this article then go over to Arizona Border Recon and talk to Jim Foley. The man patrols our Southern Border Daily and has numerous pieces of evidence to prove this claim.


Judicial Watch Five years after a Judicial Watch investigation uncovered evidence of Islamic terrorists infiltrating the United States through Mexico, a captured ISIS fighter is providing details of a plot in which jihadists enter the country through the southern border to carry out an attack. The terrorists begin their journey in Central America and exploit […]

via ISIS Fighter Affirms What JW Exposed Years Ago—Terrorists Enter U.S. Via Mexico — Socialism is not the Answer

Illegal Invader Killed Father, Gets Ridiculously Low Prison Plea Deal

Illegal Invader Killed Father, Gets Ridiculously Low Prison Plea Deal

Another family is grieving thanks to the failed policies of Democ-RATS.

Seeing a pattern here?

This is the second story this week where an Illegal gets off easy for Murder.

This bullshit has to stop.

These illegal bastards are killing American citizens off wholesale and our “Justice” system stands idly by with their thumb up their butt while hiding behind Political Correctness and “Diversity.”

Enough is Enough.

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African Coming Across Southern Border have ‘Rolls of $100 Bills’

Africans coming across southern border have ‘rolls of $100 bills’

Sounds a lot like the “poor migrants”in the caravan that were seen using iPhones and iPads and were witnessed throwing away food and water that was given to them. Scam Artist.

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Texas News: Hundreds of Illegals from Ebola-Ridden Congo Arrive in Texas

Hundreds of Illegals from Ebola-Ridden Congo Arrive in Texas

It hurts my heart to say this, but San Antonio and Houston are well on their way to resembling liberal enclaves like Los Angeles in every way: Democ-RAT city leadership presiding over a disease and crime ridden third world sh*thole. smiley

Let’s stop this madness before it spreads and destroys one of the few States in the Union with a modicum of decency left.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Major Changes to Asylum Policies That Will Stop Central American Migrants About to Take Place

REPORT: Trump Is About to Make MAJOR Change to Asylum That Will Stop Central American Migrants

While the WAR rages down here on the Southern Border with Illegal Immigration, especially in my home state of TEXAS, POTUS is finally making changes to the screwed up revolving door immigration policies/laws implemented by his lib-turd globalist predecessors, Clinton and Obama.

I have said it before and I will keep saying it: Before we build a Wall, we need to change the Laws!

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