Racial Reality: Two from Across the Pond

A Dire Report from the Isles of my Ancestors

White Irish Minority in Dublin


Irish people are now a minority in 2/3 of North Inner City Dublin. Most major cities in the Western world have been ethnically cleansed of White people.


British Propaganda Shows Europeans As Violent Rapists and Blacks As “Saviors of White Women”


British T.V. Propaganda has taken a hard Anti-White turn lately, especially in British T.V. Crime Series.

Instead of being the Rapist, now Blacks and Brown Immigrants are “Saving” White Women from Rape?

Black and Brown Immigrant “Grooming Gangs” are still rampant in the U.K. Folks, so don’t believe the Fairy Tales.

Stand Up to the Rising of the Tide.


Percentage of Foreign Sex Offenders Skyrocketing

Migrants are said to have raped a Ukrainian woman in accommodation


This article caught my eye for the primary reason that it validates something I have noticed in the past few years.

Regardless of the geography, whether it be the U.S. or Europe, the predominant number of sex crimes being committed are being done by “imported illegal immigrants” and by “imported” I mean with the Government’s full support.

Those sex crimes include rape, sexual assault and child rape as well.

If you don’t believe that fact, go over to Illegal Alien Crime Report and scroll down the list of recent offenders.

In the process of the Great Replacement where the globalist powers that be are attempting to change the cultural and political landscape by importing the third world, innocent people’s lives, mostly women and children, are being ruined forever.

Stand Up to the Rising of the Tide.



FUSA Bulletin: English Becoming the Less Common Language in America?

New York’s Attorney General Is Calling For Emergency Alerts In More Languages


Yeah that is exactly what we need more of in FUSA Today: More Bilingual Disaster Announcements for all the illegals that refuse to learn English.

How about this: Keep the Announcements in English and FORCE the “I no Comprende” assholes to Learn it!

That way when the next big Disaster hits, all the hardheaded beaners, chinks and camel rapist that refused to Learn English will meet their demise by Mother Nature the good ole’ fashioned way: Out of Ignorance!

It’s Win Win for White People all around.



Here We Go Again

Biden Will Allow Ukrainian Immigrants In The US To Obtain Temporary Protected Status

First it was Syria under Barry Hussein, then the colossal Afghanistan fuck up, and now, big surprise, the Ukraine.

Every country we stick our nose into we seem to inherit their problems, or maybe it is by design?

Import the Third World, become the Third World.

Import Global problems, become just another pathetic  Globo-Homo “Lost and Found” Nation. (See Western Europe).

Notice they did not call these Ukranians “refugees” like they did the Afghanistan brown rapist even though they are using the same tired party line about it being a “Humanitarian Crisis” that they engineered of their own stupidity.

Yeah I know the majority of these people are white and that should make a difference.

But it doesn’t. Not for me.

Like Seax I really don’t care about the Slavs.

No Vacancy.

Return to Sender.

You gotta draw the line folks or else your so-called “Homeland” will cease to be YOUR HOME anymore.

Mexico Leads The World in Child Porn Production And Distribution

Mexico Leads The World in Child Porn Production And Distribution


Insight Crime warned us about this way back in 2013.

As if we need another reason to turn that Shithole Country into a parking lot.

Whether you are talking about Drugs or Child Porn, the country and the Cartel’s they protect are parasites that feed off the demand created by the United States pure and simple.