Illegal Alien Child Sexual Crime Spree Report

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Previously Convicted Illegal Alien Charged With Child Molestation (Again) In NC


Illegal Alien Charged With Molesting 10-Year-Old Girl In Va.


Illegal Alien Charged With Kidnapping, Child Rape In NC


While Biden and his ilk are jerking us off at the border, Innocent People are being MURDERED and CHILDREN are being molested and raped by these animals.

The really bad part is most Americans think that all of this is just IRRESPONSIBLE and a LACK of Leadership.

In reality it is all part of a PLAN.

I urge all of you to add Illegal Alien Crime Report and Border Hawk to your News Favorites for the real scoop on this INVASION.

Stand Up and Prepare Accordingly.


Arizona Border Recon Needs Your Help!

I consider Tim Foley of Arizona Border Recon a Friend and True Patriot.

The work he and the rest of his crew are doing down there on the Southern Arizona Border helping stop the flow of both Illegal HUMAN and DRUG cargo is just fantastic.

If you have not seen Tim’s most recent video’s, check them out below and be sure and subscribe to his YT channel as well!



ABR Donations Needed!

At the present moment ABR is in need of a Base Radio Upgrade.

Their current Comm gear is getting older and parts are harder to find for repair.

If you want to lend a helping hand to the good work Tim and ABR are doing down on the Border, consider making a Donation Today!


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!



Immigration Crisis: Texas Wins Voter-ID Fight


             Texas Wins Dogged Fight for Voter ID

Of course now the question comes up about FAKE Texas DL’s but at least Texas is not one of the 13 States that allow ILLEGALS to obtain a Drivers License.

By now every State that wants to stand up to this flood of Illegal Immigration must  do it themselves, it is obvious the Federal Swamp could care less.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!