DoJ: 64% Of All Federal Arrests In 2018 Were Illegal Aliens

Wait until the 2019 Stats come out…they will dwarf these.

The situation is DIRE.

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Well, well, well, lookie what we got here…

(Ivan Pentchovukov) ILLEGAL ALIENS accounted for 64 percent of all federal arrests in 2018, according to new data released on Aug. 22 by the Justice Department. The surge was driven largely by immigration-crime arrests, which have soared to the highest level in at least two decades.

Federal authorities conducted 108,667 arrests for ILLEGAL ALIEN crimes in 2018, up more than five times from the 20,942 arrests in 1998. ILLEGAL ALIEN arrests accounted for 95 percent of the total increase in the number of federal arrests over the past 20 years, the data shows.

That data also shows a flip in the percentage of arrests of ILLEGAL ALIENS compared to arrests of U.S. citizens. In 1998, arrests of citizens accounted for 63 percent of the total arrests. By 2018, arrests of ILLEGAL ALIENS had grown to 64…

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The Reality of the Southern Border WAR

“We Don’t need to ACCOMODATE the FLOW, we need to STOP the Flow”

Politicians on both sides of the aisle with their head up their ass trying to sell you a false bill of goods about the REALITY of the Southern Border WAR.

I call it a WAR and not a CRISIS (like the MSM sometimes does) because INNOCENT AMERICANS are being killed DAILY by cartel dope smugglers, human traffickers and Illegal Aliens.

Don’t be Fooled. Act Now!

Support Groups like Arizona Border Recon who are our TRUE eyes and ears as to what is happening down there.

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How Mexico Can Pay for the Wall

Yeah I bet if we took all the Cash and Western Union Money Orders that illegals send from the U.S. to Mexico and Central America to their “families” and started depositing them into an account we would have all the money we need plus some to build that Wall!

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Jared Taylor explains how Donald Trump can build the wall without spending a dime of taxpayer money—and without declaring an emergency. There is a huge source of revenue just waiting to be tapped, and President Trump should announce this solution in his State of the Union Address.




American Renaissance

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Illegal Immigration is About Power

Five minutes of education on Illegal Immigration and the Left.




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Migrant Caravan: The Great Traveling Shi*hole

The aftermath of the Migrant Caravan in Southern Mexico.

As you can plainly see these people are not starving or wanting for anything.

This is a virtual repeat of what we have already seen in Europe folks!

From the Description in the Original Live Leak video:

These poor starving so-called “refugees” are ungrateful for the assistance offered to them & the generosity shown to them, We’ve seen this all across Europe, they pass through, and leave behind a shithole similar to the shitholes they claim they want to escape from.

More proof that this is nothing but a political stunt financed by the Desperate Democrats who will stop at nothing to try and garner votes, legal and illegal, for the mid-terms.

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A Dreamer Nightmare

Man arrested in Virginia, accused of multiple murders, is DACA recipient, source says


Boy that Multiculturalism racket is sure getting expensive. How long until we cancel that contract?

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Border Security Update: Feds Eye 6 Military bases to House “Unaccompanied Minors”

So now BHO is turning our Military bases into babysitting camps for Illegal children? Wasn’t it enough that he forced “transgender” regulations on our this!!??-SF

Unaccompanied children

The Obama administration is eyeing six military bases to potentially house the recent surge of undocumented children from Central America illegally crossing into the U.S. through the southern Mexico border.

A defense official told Fox News the U.S. military has already approved a recommendation by the Office of Refugee Resettlement at the Department of Health and Human Services to open Holloman Air Force base in New Mexico near the border with Mexico.

The move by the federal government is an emergency response to what appears to be a second surge of unaccompanied children entering the United States in as many years. In October and November of 2015, 10,588 children entered the U.S. illegally – that is more than double the amount during the same time in 2014, according to statistics from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The consideration by the feds to use military bases as shelters is yet another sign the government is worried about another surge of unaccompanied children, similar to 2014, in which an unprecedented 63,000 crossed illegally into the U.S. Just this week, the Department of Homeland Security began deporting Central Americans who have not complied with their deportation orders. Secretary Jeh Johnson has defended the raids as necessary to deter migrants from illegally crossing the border.

The Obama administration is reportedly considering the following military bases to house unaccompanied minors: Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida, Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota, Naval Support Activity Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts and Travis Air Force Base in California.

An overwhelming majority of the children entering the U.S. illegally come from gang-ravaged countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. By law, these children must be handed to Health and Human Services within 72 hours of being detained. The federal government must take care of them until a relative or sponsor in the U.S. claims them while they await their immigration court proceedings.

The Obama administration used three military bases as emergency shelters in May of 2014 after nearly 20,000 kids entered the U.S. in May and June of that year alone. The bases housed some 7,700 of the 63,000 unaccompanied children from Central America who crossed into the United States alone without their parents in 2014. The average stay in the shelters was 35 days.

Those shelters, including Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, were subsequently shut down later that year because of exorbitant costs and a dramatic decrease in the number of kids crossing the border illegally.

At the time, HHS spokesman Kenneth Wolfe warned military bases could be reopened as shelters if border crossings spike again.

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