Operation Northwoods

Operation Northwoods


“You can understand history, or you can trust the government – but you can’t do both.

This is a statement that Southerners have understood for more than a century. Those that have served the American Empire in its futile military escapades are usually in tune with this sentiment. Of course, I don’t trust the government. I was the government. As the popular insurance slogan goes, “I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two.” It’s a common quote that veterans will rattle off when they’re asked about their faith in the government. We all know the victors write the narrative and usually the highlighted or “justifiable” reason for any endeavor that took place is less than truthful. Usually, the righteousness of any imperial campaign is only a sliver of the reason, or completely made up, as to why the Empire’s involvement was even necessary. Most of the deployments to the Balkans (former Yugoslavia) had more to do with failed CIA operations than any sort of humanitarian reason. The article by a Kentuckian in Kosovo is a good example of what happens when the Empire interferes in the affairs of others.

What used to be considered a “tin foil hat” mindset has become more and more a reality. I was recently reminded of Operation Northwoods that was released to the public in 1997, where the CIA suggested creating terrorist attacks inside the United States and blaming them on Cuba. The purpose was to galvanize the country – instead of the Feds trying to sell a war with Cuba to the American people, the people would demand it.”



Balkanization is Coming

More than half of LGBTQ parents in Florida say they are considering leaving the state


This is encouraging news.

The bare minimum takeaway from Florida is that Cultural Balkanization can be a REALITY and is a first step toward complete Secession.

Now the REAL work begins for the rest of the Southern States.

Let’s all kick it into high gear!

Build and Balkanize!





A Retrenchment


One of the core goals of Southern Nationalism is effectively a retrenchment. What do I mean? No one on the political right is going to convince a leftist that they are wrong. You may get occasional cultural or religious epiphanies, such as a new mom suddenly realizing why abortion is wrong, but the goals of the left are framed in a twisted definition of moral high-ground. They deeply hate everything you believe because to them, your beliefs are immoral and “violent.” Thus, YOU are immoral and a threat. You must be eliminated.

You, the well intentioned White conservative, cannot do anything about this growing pool of the American public. They’ve been indoctrinated to hate you for decades. Any attempt to save them is hopeless. Consequently, the blue state leftists are not going to swing right. They will remain leftist and grow more leftwing.

Compounding this problem is the recognition that minority groups have their own interests and they are not your own. Hispanics, for example, may share some common beliefs with White conservatives, but they are not going to vote for positions that empower your people or even hold the status quo. Voting in Latin America has always been a zero sum game, whereby the political parties seek to permanently eliminate the other. Power sharing, as we had in the United States for centuries, is foreign to Hispanics. There is no interest in “working across the aisle.”

Meanwhile, blacks and Asians are on an anti-White revenge tour. Neither group is interested in working with you to achieve a better Anerica because they define a better America as one that does not include White people. The occasional “based black guy” is an anomaly. The Asian who smiles at you also harbors deep-seated resentments driven by a shame culture that was once subjugated by European peoples. This is why, despite the fact that most Democrat policies harm highly functioning Asian-Americans, Asians overwhelmingly vote for leftist political actors. Defeating Whites is the goal shared by both blacks and Asians, despite the fact that the parties hate each other.

The numbers simply do not favor conservative Whites in the United States as it is currently construed. The combination of far left Whites in primarily White northern states – from Oregon to Maine – coupled with Asians, blacks, and Hispanics who see Whites as competitors, is a dangerous position within which we find ourselves. Why remain in a union with White blue states that empower our racial or ethnic antagonists who happen to be closer to us than them?

Texas is overwhelmed with illegal Mestizos. Most Southern states have black populations that are double the national average. Asians are smaller in number, but they are growing – especially Southwest Asians (Indians, Pakis, etc) who statistically hate Whites more than any other racial or ethnic subcategory. Throughout the South, Pakistanis seem to be everywhere from Northern Virginia to Northern Georgia. The suburbs of D.C. and Atlanta (black cities) are surrounded by intelligent Asian enemies with an historical axe to grind. Their invitation was not at the behest of Billy from Alabama, but Bjorn from Minnesota – who happily invited his own Somali invasion into Minneapolis because diversity is Bjorn’s strength.

The South would be far better off as an independent Nation State confederacy. Let us handle the blacks without the federal government’s handcuffs, instituted at the behest of Connecticut. Let Texans take control of their border, as they once did prior to the influences of Massachusetts and Michigan. Let us control who should be invited into that confederacy instead of Washington bureaucrats working under the guidelines of Hart-Celler.

Let Southern Whites retrench among their own.

Walk away from this godless union that empowers our racial enemies.

We owe no allegiance to a people who hate us.

Regroup and retake everything – remaining within these United States provides us nothing.



Let Us All Be Cornerstones

Let Us All Be Cornerstones


Too many in the Dissident Right seek immediate gratification. They long for name recognition. They struggle to be heard and seen. But to what effect are they achieving for their people?

The question everyone should ask themselves is the following:

Do I care more about the future than the present? 

It is a poignant question, because so many of our forebearers answered through actions and deeds. They never stopped to consider selfish personal gratification at the expense of future generations. They thought about that which was necessary for the children of tomorrow.

If the Dissident Right is going to grow, it will need spokesmen and content producers. It will also need humble “doers.” It will need the scribes, accountants, cooks, and post conference clean-up volunteers. It needs people who know their long-term, silent support is more important than boisterous proclamations by short-term heroes.