Body Armor Basics: How Many .308 Hits Can a Level IV Plate Survive?


When it comes to practical preparation, owning some type of body armor for you and your loved ones, preferably Level III or higher, is a no brainer.


Best Lightweight Concealable Body Armor

Best Lightweight Concealable Body Armor


For me, in this day and age, this is a no-brainer.

Don’t forget to have one for every member of the family and one in your VBOB (Vehicle Bug Out Bag) as well.

Although not considered a “concealable” vest, I still have two US Palm Defender Level IIIA Soft Vest I bought for me and the wife unit many moons ago.

I think they have been discontinued but you can still find them online.


Pre, and Possibly Early SHTF Vest Protection….Affordably

Great practical write up on a subject not discussed frequently enough.

If you have not already, budget now for a good vest and plates not only for you but also one for each member of your tribe (Minimum Level III for family members).


Source: Pre, and Possibly Early SHTF Vest Protection….Affordably

Slow= Dead!

Army Issues Lighter Armor For Bigger Wars

Body Armour is a subject I don’t hear a lot of tactical trainers talking about nowadays and that has always puzzled me. I mean to train realistically we need to understand that rounds are not just going to be OUTGOING but also INCOMING with great frequency; therefore we need to be prepared to deal with that, not just in teaching the importance of COVER, but also PERSONAL PROTECTION (IBA) and TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) applications.

The legalities of owning body armour in most states are pretty much the same as owning a firearm; as long as you are not a criminal turd with a felony record, you are OK.

The simple reality is if you are a martial civilian who is interested in keeping yourself and your family safe, you and every member of your family need an IBA, it’s that simple.

So the million dollar question is, where do you start? Like anything new, the first thing we need to do is educate ourselves,

This article from The Prepared is a good start.

Now after you purchase your IBA don’t pull the Ole’ ‘Couch Commando’ trick and throw that vest in the closet with all your other SHTF  gear! No, make that IBA part of your everyday training regimen! After all when the hammer finally does drop, you are going to be fighting in it, right? So follow the tried and true protocol of always train with the same clothes and gear you would be using in an everyday SHTF situation.

I would also add this final caveat: incorporate a lot of movement drills with your IBA with rifle and pistol.

Learning how to move effectively and efficiently with a vest on is a skill-set EVERY rifleman needs to have under their belt.

Remember: Stay Realistic with your training by always asking HOW CAN I INCREASE THE SUCK FACTOR FOR THIS DRILL?

 Our main goal when we go to train is not to stroke our ego or impress our friends, but to SHARPEN our SKILLS, and if you guys know anything about sharpening a knife, in order to get that blade sharp, we must first break down what is there so we can begin to HONE it!

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!