Watch Hunter Act Quickly to Fend Off Attacking Mountain Lion

Watch Hunter Act Quickly to Fend Off Attacking Mountain Lion


Another ass-puckering reminder from Wild America (remember that show with Marty Stouffer?) that Human Beings are always on the Menu out here in God’s Country away from the Asphalt Jungle.

Keep your Head on a Swivel.


On the Menu: Smothered Squirrel


Besides Archery Season for Deer, Squirrel Season is in Full Swing as Well, and this Cajun Gentleman, StaleKracker has got it going on with an awesome Smothered Squirrel Recipe. 👍

Listen Folks, when the Grocery Bill starts looking like your Mortgage you need to start thinking about “Alternative” Means of Putting Groceries on the table!

Hunting, Fishing and Gardening.

Learn it. Love It.



Homebrew Technical Ideas

Homebrew Technical Ideas

From a Redneck Perspective, a Version of a “Technical” would be what we call in Texas a “Pig Truck”.

Simply put, a Pig Truck is a 4×4 Truck of some type with good lighting, good suspension, good mud tires and a few mods in the back and up top.

Back in the Good Ole Days when you could find Century Arms Romanian RPK’s for cheap we had a couple of those with 100rd Beta Mags mounted with red dot’s on bipod swivel mounts on the roof. We found seats were pretty much useless in the bed of the truck, so we installed hand grips and a simple seatbelt harness to keep the one to two operators from getting thrown out.

If you can swing the personnel and are hunting at night, it’s good to have your passenger work a spotlight freeing up your driver to drive and your two shooter’s to SHOOT.

This is a very versatile set-up and could easily be changed from hunting Four legged critters to Two!


Literary Corner: Robert Ruark

Robert Ruark: A Man of Startling Contrasts


Often called “The Poor Man’s Hemingway” I was introduced to Ruark’s writings and big game hunting exploits by my Father at deer camp when I was a teenager.

Use Enough Gun: Ruark on Hunting Big Game is front and center of my collection of books on Big Game Hunting.

Click HERE for a collection of articles on Ruark and his amazing life.

Humans Were Actually Apex Predators For 2 Million Years, Evidence Shows

Humans Were Actually Apex Predators For 2 Million Years, Evidence Shows


Hunting has always been an integral part of our genetic makeup.

The more modern man strays away from it the more health problems he is going to have.

You see it’s not just the lean meat you get from the hunt, it’s the PROCESS of obtaining it, the actual mechanics of the hunt itself: physical exercise, dexterity, skill, weapon mastery, etc. all these things contribute to the physical (and mental) health of the person and in the process sharpens their ability to protect themselves and their tribe.

I can promise you that if a larger percentage of modern society were forced to HUNT and PROCESS their own Meat we would see a dramatic decrease in cases of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and General health problems associated with sedentary lifestyles, aka couch pototates.

I am a huge fan of Bow Hunting and in the clip below Ted Nugent, aka “The Nuge” gives a brief synopsis on how Modern Bowhunting was born.

Really Fascinating Stuff.