Hungary Remains a Shining Light to Europe and the Rest of the World

The Hungarian daredevils, the Hussars

Hungary: “Europe’s Borders Must be Protected”


Hungary bans Frickin’ Asshat Gormless Gay Offender Transgressers Sickness from adopting children


Islam Invasion: Go Hungary!

BBC Anchor appears to have bitten into a turd with her condescending attitude about Hungary’s strict NO-Muslim migration policies


I don’t know about you guys, but I am rooting like hell for Hungary right now.

They are the only country in Europe with any common sense right now about immigration and so called suicidal “open border policies.”

These two quotes especially stuck with me:

American’s need to take notice of what is happening right now with Hungary and get behind them 100%.

The attitude of Hungary’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister is the attitude every TRUE American needs to have about our Borders as well.

*If you want this country to survive for another generation that is.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed, Close the Border and Build the Wall and Stay Dangerous!


Hungary Criminalizes Aiding Illegal Immigrants

Although as a whole, Europe and the U.K. are lost due to rampant liberalism and lax immigration policy, it is refreshing to see countries like Hungary stand up to the EU multi-culturalism jackboot funded by daddy warbucks Soros.