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“An America Problem”

Watch as 4 Sheriffs All Go Off on Biden After Speech That Insulted Border Patrol

“This is not just a Border problem For Arizona, Texas, New Mexico or California but this is an AMERICA problem.” -Sheriff Mark Lamb


This usurper asshat Pee-Pads Joe and his cabal of marxist phonies in D.C. are destroying this country piece by piece with their America Second policies.

Thank God we have some Real Men who are willing to stand up, Stand in the Gap and say enough is enough.

The American Sheriff Folks, the last bastion of Freedom in a Country gone to Shit.

Stand Up to the Rising of the Tide!

For the Real News about the CRISIS on America’s Borders check out Border Hawk.

Texas News: 90 People Found in Houston Human Smuggling Operation

More than 90 people found in SW Houston home in suspected smuggling operation

This is the end result of Biden’s Open borders and “America Second” Philosophy.

Needless Human Suffering and Rampant Criminality.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Armed Human Smugglers on U.S. Southern Border


This is not right-wingers trying to “blow things out of proportion.”

This is cold hard reality.

Armed Coyotes (Human Smugglers) on the U.S./Mexican Border.

This is your Wake Up Call America.

Suddenly that Wall does not seem like a bad ideal, does it?

In fact, we may need to do more, huh?


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!