OPSEC 101: Google Maps Lets You Blur Your Home. Here’s Why You Should

Google Maps Lets You Blur Your Home. Here’s Why You Should

Something that the average person does not even think about when considering operational and home security but in the 21st Century OPEN SOURCE INTELLIGENCE is the first thing criminals (and spies) do think about.

Learn How to Both use it and EDIT it to your advantage.

Prepare Accordingly.


Crime Awareness: Strategies That Burglars Use To Case Rural Houses

Strategies That Burglars Use To Case Rural Houses


Having lived in a rural area most of my life I can tell you from experience the Top 3 “excuses” burglars who are “casing” homes give when confronted by home owners or Law Enforcement:

  • Lost

  • Fake Door to Door Salesman

  • House Hunting (Although there are no Real Estate Listings in the area)

The most important thing you can do as a home owner for people you think are “Casing” your house is to make sure THEY know you are AWARE of their presence and are PREPARED to Act!

If a vehicle comes on my property unannounced, I always take a picture of their license plate and approach them ARMED, without exception!

Nothing says “Welcome” to would-be criminals than a pissed off middle aged redneck approaching them with an AK-47 while Dueling Banjo’s plays in the background I assure you. 😂




Buyer’s Guide: Perimeter Defense Tools for Home Security



A Good Basic Review of some FUNDAMENTAL Tools for Home Security.

With Door Kicking Home Invasions steadily on the Rise across the Nation, it never hurts to ARMOR up your DOOR’S.

For those of you who TRAVEL a lot for work and spend a lot of time in Hotel’s, make sure to invest in a good DOOR STOP with a LOUD audible alarm.


Home Security/Safety Tips


Very Basic and Practical Primer on Home Security and Safety.

Remember: By Executing the Fundamentals of Anything you can Increase your Chances of Success by 50%!

Don’t Neglect the Basics.

Prepare Now or Pay Later.

How to Build a Safehouse