While the Press Runs Away, Americans Live Under a Deadly Reign of BLM Terror

While the Press Runs Away, Americans Live Under a Deadly Reign of BLM Terror


While we are on the subject of Black Crime Skyrocketing Across the Nation, consider these items of interest:

This last item goes right along with the current West Coast trend of Black and Brown Thugs invading Upper Class White Neighborhoods with “Follow Home Invasions” and High End Smash and Grab Jobs in Beverly Hills and Bel-Air.

It’s Obvious these Colorful Criminal POS are spurred on by BLM’s constant Anti-White rhetoric and the current Government Legal agenda to Support and Perpetuate Black Crime.

Make no Mistake the BLM Problem is Snow-Balling and is Coming Soon to a Town and Neighborhood Near You.

The Great Replacement is not a Conspiracy Folks, it’s a Crime Wave.

Arm Up and Prepare Accordingly.

Bad Ass Files: 82 Year Old Vietnam Vet Beats Armed Intruder to Death

82-Year-Old Vietnam Vet Beats Armed Intruder to Death With Shotgun Butt


Good example of why it’s key to either keep a weapon on your person or within easy reach at all times.

Don’t mess with the Old Breed!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Stupid Criminals and Clueless Sheep

This interview tells you all you need to know about the awareness and preparedness of the average urban sheeple.

This kid needs to Thank God for dumb ass ghetto rats who like to kick doors in with their finger on the trigger otherwise they would be showing him and his father in a casket.


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Flying Florida Thugs

(Liveleak) Surveillance video shows three armed people trying to break into a Florida home before the resident grabbed a gun and shot at them, according to police.

A Ring security camera caught three men breaking into a Neptune Beach home on Tuesday, followed by the sounds of gunshots being fired at them before they ran away.

“No matter who you are, this is a very scary situation,” said News4Jax crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson, a former Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office detective.

“This homeowner realizes he has the right to protect himself, and he pulls out his gun, and he begins to fire,” Jefferson said. “He’s well within justification to do that.”

Police said one suspect was shot in the chest and taken to a hospital, while the other two are still on the loose. Authorities have leads on tracking down the other suspects based on security footage of them jumping into getaway cars. The homeowner is not facing any charges.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Armed Citizen Corner: To Pursue Or Not To Pursue?


Home Owner Killed While Chasing Suspects

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Sad story, but when you think about it, what man, after having his home and family threatened by human garbage would not pursue?

It’s a tough call and I cannot say I would not have done any different, who knows.

I guess the lesson to learn here is once the perps are no longer an IMMEDIATE threat to you, your home and loved ones, let the cops handle it, it’s their job.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!