Know Your History: The Last Americans To Believe in the Voluntary Union of the States

The Last Americans To Believe in the Voluntary Union of the States


A bloody and pathetic page fromThe War of Northern Aggression that has been purposely obfuscated by the Federal Gub Mint for over One Hundred and Fifty years.

Just remember when the chips are down and things get spicy in the next few years with “domestic unrest” this is the legacy of the Federal Government toward unarmed civilians.

Federal Government Gangsters NEVER change their stripes or true colors.

Prepare Accordingly.


Know Your History: Why the Marxist Left Loves Lincoln

Why The Marxist Left Loves Lincoln


One of my mentors growing up told me that no other period in American History as rife with lies as the American Civil War and as such no other period in American History has had such a negative impact on society.

But don’t take my word for it, the TRUTH is out there if you are willing to dig past the bullshit and marxist revisionist history!

Liberators of the Occupied South

Liberators of the Occupied South


Prepare for a dose of REAL American History, not the lies told by Marxist Revisionist Historians.


“The original Ku Klux Klan were heroes – full stop.  The Klan of 1865-1877 formed the first resistance against an aggressively antagonistic, radical Yankee occupying force.  Organized at a local level, with almost no centralized support, the original Klan was initiated by elite Southern gentlemen.  These men, former officers who served the Confederacy during the War of Northern Aggression, created the Klan largely out of desperation for a people – their people – who were under assault at every level of their being.  Culturally, socially, commercially, and physically, Southerners were stripped of their pride, starved, humiliated, and in many cases, subjected to sexual abuse by black troops with either the tacit approval of abolitionist officers or by direct command.  Someone needed to defend the Southern people, especially Southern women, and the Ku Klux Klan was born from that need.”



Be on the lookout for my novelette entitled “Of Kith and Kin” set in 1868 Reconstruction Texas.

Know Your Real Civil War History: Thaddeus Stevens

Adored Now for What He Was Once Hated


While I was reading this article I was reminded of Tommy Lee Jones portrayal of Thaddeus Stevens in the movie Lincoln, (which was in this writer’s opinion one of the most fantastical pieces of Civil War propaganda ever made) which among other things showed Steven’s to be in a ‘relationship’ with his “Black housekeeper”, which history tells us was in fact Lydia Hamilton Smith, a woman of mixed blood (one quarter African). The movie however goes to great lengths to show Steven’s getting into bed with a woman whose skin color was as black as a bucket of tar. Spielberg’s gotta push race mixing regardless of the time period you know.