Democrats Come Out Against COVID Vaccine Mandates for Illegal Migrants

Democrats Come Out Against COVID Vaccine Mandates for Illegal Migrants


Look past the tired partisan rhetoric here, Demo-twat or Repub-tard, they are just different parts on the same lame-ass bird. ūüźď

The real issue here is the importation of diseased non-whites by the plane load who get a pass on the COVID poison jab because they need these people as viable population replacement.

It’s like importing sewer rats and telling everybody they are “rare desert hamsters” who don’t need their shots. ūü§£

They are trying to kill us off with their poison and then replace us.

Don’t Buy the Bullshit.

Prepare Accordingly.

Long-term Soy Consumption Makes Monkeys Aggressive Loners: Shocking Study with Possible Human Implications, 2021

Long-term Soy Consumption Makes Monkeys Aggressive Loners: Shocking Study with Possible Human Implications, 2021


Well whatta you know, Soy Boy Syndrome is real folks.

Beware of the WOKE Zombie Horde.

Guest Post: Does Boiling Water Purify It?

The following is a guest post from our friends over at -NCS There is no uncontaminated surface water source in the world. That may not be a technically true statement, but unless you’re drinking from a mountaintop spring right at the source, it’s a good thing to keep in mind to minimize risk. And…

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Reality Check: The Khat (drug) market in Abyan

When you see things like this you begin to understand why even minor diseases spread like wildfire and take such a heavy toll in the Middle East and Africa.

A Lack of Common Sense combined with a nasty Addiction and Dependence on Drugs equals DISASTER.



(Liveleak) The market in the governorate of Abyan, north of Yemen (Houthi territory )

The World Health Organization (WHO) classified “Khat” in 1980 as a drug of abuse that can produce psychological dependence, although the WHO does not consider khat addiction to be a serious problem.

The legality of khat varies by region. In many countries, khat might not be a specifically controlled substance but may nevertheless be illegal under more general laws. It is a specifically controlled substance in some countries including Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States. By contrast, the production, sale, and consumption are legal in the nations where its use is traditional of those cultures, including Djibouti, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia and Yemen.In Israel, which hosts a population of Yemenite , only the consumption of the plant’s leaves in its natural state is permitted.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Texas News: Chinese Bat Flu Update

As of March 19, there were at least 161 coronavirus cases in Texas

The Texas Tribune is tracking the total number of positively identified COVID-19 cases in Texas by county. We will update this data will be updated daily, using the latest numbers from the Texas Department of State Health Services. These numbers may lag behind other local news reports, and may not represent all cases of the disease given limited testing capacity.

Many counties have seen what’s called “community spread,” which refers to cases for which the original source of infection is¬†unknown.

As of March 19 at noon, there were at least 161 coronavirus cases in Texas. There were 3 reported deaths. At least 2,335 people have been tested.


Number of cases

County of residence unknown **




Lackland Air Force Base *




Fort Bend












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