Government Gangsters: VA begins Punitive Actions against Unvaccinated Staff

VA begins Punitive Actions against Unvaccinated Staff


So the Gauntlet has been laid down and Federal Tyranny begins in EARNEST.

As a good friend told me a long time ago:

“PREPARE Now to be able to live on LESS, because when the Government comes and the Hammer Drops, THEY are gonna hit you in the Pocketbook FIRST before they ever put you up against a Wall.”

Prepare Accordingly.


Joe Rogan Destroy’s Sanjay Gupta on Vaxx for Kids

Two Minutes of Common Sense about the Vaxx and Kids


Vet News: Changes to VA’s Community Care program raise concerns about vets’ health care access

Changes to VA’s community care program raise concerns about vets’ health care access

Well it looks like Shitty Pants Joe wants to do away with Community Care (CHOICE) Healthcare Options for Vets because quote:

“Too much use of private-sector doctors for core VA medical responsibilities could drain finances from the VA health care system and lead to “privatization” of the department?”

What? Drain Finances?

You mean like you did when you handed out billions in “Stimulus Payments?” this past year to illegal aliens and felons?

It seems the sole mission of this administration is to UNDO whatever good programs President Trump pushed through.

If my fellow Vets will remember, President Trump went to great lengths to expand the Community Care (CHOICE) System for Veterans in 2016, making it easier for Vets who don’t live near a VA Clinic or Outpatient Clinic to receive care from local Doctors and Providers, thus easing the burden.

It is said a Nation can be judged on how it treats it’s Veterans and Joe, like everything else, you have failed us big time.

Poking the Bear

Anybody familiar with the history of western civilization and 21st century political optics understands precisely what the senile asshat in chief is doing with his latest round of threats.


He and his marxist ilk are ATTEMPTING to CREATE a problem so they can in turn SOLVE the Problem by enacting their TRUE agenda all along.

Translation: They are trying to PROVOKE the 200 million plus pissed off armed deplorable bitter clingers to do something “stupid” so they can go full blown Insurrection Act and then finally officially attempt to disarm, subjugate and Vaxx us.

It’s a liberal fascist wet dream.

The optics of this are simple: He wants to lay the blame of who started Civil War 2.0 at OUR feet and not his, same as his tyrannical predecessor Abe Lincoln did.

Speaking of which, I found it “historically impactive” that a multitude of States (dare I call them a Confederacy?) rose up to address the off-the-rails Federal Vaxx monster, in particular my home state of Texas.

Perhaps this is the right time for cooler heads to prevail?

Or is it too late? Are we on a collision course, our Ft. Sumter ticket already punched?

As it stands right now this old Cowboy honestly does not know.

What I do know is this:

My sole responsibility, mandated from God, is to protect and care for my family.

I have taken steps to do that in every capacity.

All I ask is to be left alone, nothing more.

Barring that, the old saying about Poking a Bear in a Cage applies.




More Military COVID Vaxx Stigma Double-Speak

Dishonorable discharges for vaccine refusal would be blocked under congressional proposal

The Fact they would even consider giving a solider, sailor, airman or Marine a Dishonorable or OTH for exercising their Constitutional Right to make a decision about their own health is TERRIBLE but the fact they are going forward with KICKING somebody out of the Military for NOT getting the Vaccine is just as BAD!

Listen, getting a Dishonorable or OTH Discharge has MASSIVE ramifications on a person’s life. It’s like having a Felony on your record basically. Most employers will not touch you if you have one. By the same token getting Kicked out of the military EARLY even with a Honorable Discharge does not look good either! Think about it: How are you going to explain to your next employer why you only did a year of your four year enlistment?

“Oh they kicked me out for not taking the COVID Vaccine”

And just like that, you have been placed inside the COVID VAXX STIGMA box!

Separated from Society as a “Non-VAXXER” and kicked to the curb as an UNEMPLOYABLE CRAZY!

See where this is going folks?

In one fail swoop they are both WEAKENING our Military ranks even more than they were before and at the same time creating a CASTE System in a so-called “Free Country?”

It’s as Un-American as the Soviet anthem!

This Bullshit Needs to Stop Now!