They Plead for the Butcher’s Bill

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Watch this video below. What you see is an unspeakable, unforgivable abomination. This is an affront to God and all things wholesome. This is unequivocally unforgivable. There is no action, no words, no recompense that will make things right after this. NOTHING. The only viable solution is a bloody swath of vengeance and death against every single person responsible…

They Plead for the Butcher’s Bill — NC Renegades

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Here We Are, Imagine Where We Will Be!




Military/Veteran’s News: Troops Who Refuse Vaccines May Lose Their Veterans Benefits

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Troops Who Refuse Vaccines May Lose Their Veterans Benefits


As a Veteran, I don’t see this ending well.

Both sides need to think this through and be SMART.

Who has More to Lose from this Deal?

I am just gonna leave it at that for right now.

A Nation will be judged on how it treat’s it’s Veterans in more ways than one.



Government Gangsters: VA begins Punitive Actions against Unvaccinated Staff

VA begins Punitive Actions against Unvaccinated Staff


So the Gauntlet has been laid down and Federal Tyranny begins in EARNEST.

As a good friend told me a long time ago:

“PREPARE Now to be able to live on LESS, because when the Government comes and the Hammer Drops, THEY are gonna hit you in the Pocketbook FIRST before they ever put you up against a Wall.”

Prepare Accordingly.


Joe Rogan Destroy’s Sanjay Gupta on Vaxx for Kids

Two Minutes of Common Sense about the Vaxx and Kids