So This is a Racial “Hate Crime” in 2022?

My eyes are not as sharp as they once were, but that White Supremacist “nazi” in the video drawing a three inch swastika with a Sharpie looks like a brillo headed Black man to me (or at bare minimum some kind of New York Mystery Meat?)

So This is a Hate Crime in 2022?

Makes you think twice about this whole White Supremacy thing huh?

Like Maybe it’s all Bullshit?


FUSA Bulletin: More Backwards American Racial Hypocrisy and Fantasy

Arbery killers convicted of federal hate crimes in his death


Things like this should bother American white people WAY more than what Putin or Trudeau is doing. Why?

In the words of the Swamp Fox Francis Marion:

“Always concern yourself with the tyrant 100 miles away rather than the one 2,000 miles away.”

We have a Government that is more willing to convict three white men of murder and so-called “hate crimes” for defending their family and community than they are of Black Thugs (out on bail) killing white people for sport?

Hate crime is and will remain legal window dressing for the anti-white establishment obsessed with stamping out the fantasy of “systemic racism.”

The premise of a Hate Crime is asinine to begin with: Prosecuting a person’s STATE OF MIND during the commission of a REAL crime?

I think Orwell called that “Thought Crime” in his novel 1984.

It was fantasy when it was written in 1949 and is fantasy now.

Mark my words, If you are White, Vigilantism will soon become the rule and not the exception in this Society if you expect to Survive, because it’s obvious the STATE is not interested in you.

YOU are the enemy.

Prepare Accordingly.


A Litmus Test for True “Color-Blind” Racial Justice?



Well, most all CO’s know that True Constitutional Government died a horrible, painful death in this country over 150 years ago, never to be seen again, but is True Constitutional Justice also dead? The kind of Justice that is truly blind to every bias, including the color of our skin or the ethnicity of our heritage? Call me an eternal pessimist, but I personally feel it is, given the track record of this current Justice Dept. over the past 6 years.

But maybe, just maybe, I can be proven wrong. The only way to find out is to put the SYSTEM to the test, and whata-you- know, we have a bona-fide, true-blue, LITMUS Test to challenge my belief that JUSTICE is not truly COLOR BLIND under the Obama/Holder administration.

The Case:

On April 2nd in Detroit, Michigan, a 54 Year old white male, Steve Utash was driving when he accidentally hit a 10-year-old African-American boy who stepped out into the road. When Utash stopped to render aid, he was accosted by a mob of African-American’s who proceeded to beat him unmercifully. Utash was beaten so severely that his brain started swelling  he had to be put in a medically induced coma to save his life. To add insult to injury, Utash was also robbed during the beating, having his paycheck and tree trimming equipment stolen from him. Utash is self-employed and has no medical insurance. To date $120,000 has been raised to help cover medical bills. Detroit Police have so far made 4 arrest in the Assault and Detroit Police Chief James Craig stated recently he is attempting to determine if this was a Hate Crime. Read the entire story HERE.

The Litmus Test has two Parts:

1. To see if the Detroit Police Chief actually charges these 4 black men and any other he arrest for this crime with a HATE CRIME.

2. To see if Eric Holder and his Justice Dept. get involved to help prosecute this case as a Federal Hate Crime, as it should have been done from the start.

To further qualify my pessimism, let me bring a couple of cases to your attention and memory:

  • The first was the ludicrous attempt of Holder and his Justice Dept. to try and charge George Zimmerman with a hate crime for defending himself against Trayvon Martin, after he was found Not Guilty in a court of law. This was a blatant attempt by the Obama Administration to try and bring the subject of race into a clear cut case of stand your ground self-defense.
  • The “Knockout Crime” case in Houston, TX in December 2013 where a 27 year old White Man was charged with a hate crime for blatantly punching a 79 year old black man and filming it on his cell phone. Read that HERE.

The tragedy of this case is not that the White man was actually charged with a hate crime, obviously, YES, this was a clear cut case of a HATE CRIME, the tragedy is the SPEED in which Federal Hate Crime Charges were filed and a GUILTY verdict rendered. All of this done with help, no doubt, from Eric Holder and the Justice Dept.

I ask you, where is the Justice for Steve Utash and his family, as he lay’s in that Hospital Room suffering? Why is this Detroit Police Chief dragging his feet in this investigation? Why the delay in declaring this a HATE CRIME? Where are the Federal Prosecutors? Where is the Justice Dept., swinging it’s proverbial weight around as it did in the case in Houston in 2013?

No friends, because of all this and much, much more, I don’t hold out much hope to be proven wrong in this Litmus Test. I sure wish I wasn’t but I don’t think I will.

No, Like our Constitutional Model of Government, Justice without bias is Dead in this Country, and by all indications, will Never be Resurrected Again, I fear.

Stay Armed, Stay Aware and Stay Dangerous.