Time to Celebrate Fathers!


This Fathers Day is very special to me and my family due to the fact we had a medical scare a few months back where we could have lost my Father.

Thanks be to God, all is well now.

I am so thankful for my Father.

I often tell my son that my Father (his Grandfather) both now and during my childhood was the greatest example of what a MAN should be. He was hard working, spiritually grounded and very aware of the fact that you must LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

And not to preach, but that fact right there is what is wrong with a majority of the world and more specifically, American Culture right now.

The essential building block of society, the TRADITIONAL FAMILY¬†(a masculine MAN, a woman and children) has been put on the “endangered species list.”

Post-Modern Liberalism has been systematically destroying and/or RE-DEFINING¬†marriage for well over 60 years now. It has also been trying to destroy MASCULINITY¬†in the process with catch phrases like “Toxic Masculinity” and the “transgender movement” promoting turning little boys into little girls at age 6.


That being said, If you have a Father, celebrate him in style this weekend!

Show him how much you love and respect him for all he has done.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed, Love Your Dad and Stay Dangerous!