Dose of Truth: Red Storm Rising!


There are precious few of us who can remember any “school shooting” that occurred within CONUS, before 1990.

That was the year then-Senator Joe (“… and all you need is a double-barrel shotgun”) Biden proposed the “Gun-Free School Zone Act” that was subsequently passed and signed into law by our good friend, and professing “Republican,” George HW Bush!

This signaled the ominous commencement of the “Gun-Free Zone” movement, and the simultaneous beginning of school shootings in America!

This legislation makes it a federal offense for even a police officer in a school to shoot at a terrorist, who is in the process of murdering innocent children, when the officer is off duty! It makes one wonder if any of these donor-seeking politicians ever actually read the legislation upon which they’ve voting!

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Before we Arm Teachers and Staff How About We Repeal Gun Free School Zones First?


In response to President Trumps Memo to direct the Attorney General to seek comments regarding the banning of “Bump Stocks”, the President of Gun Owners of America, Erich Pratt, issued this Response. 

The response was also significant in that Mr. Pratt also made this remark, which now weighs heavily in the public discourse seeing that the President has stated he is open to the arming of teachers and staff in our schools.

“While Trump ran as a pro-gun candidate, this action does not appear to line up with his campaign rhetoric. Instead of further restricting the right to keep and bear arms, Trump should urge Congress to pass H.R. 34, which would repeal gun-free school zones, an issue Trump campaigned on.

This bill would also repeal the ludicrous law of gun free zones on military bases.

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